In life, we are faced with a series of choices.  Sometimes the choices before us are full of love and laughter, and at other times the weight of the world falls heavily upon us.  It is in these challenging moments when life knocks us down that we need the most support.

Andrea Yaverski places a focus on holding and sharing a safe and non-judgmental space for individuals, couples, and families to move through difficult times.  Andrea strives to walk alongside you on your journey of self-improvement.  Together we can face the tough times, rejoice in the good times, and create hope for the future.

Utilizing person-centered therapy, Andrea meets everyone with an open heart and open mind.  To help enhance healing and further deepen the conversation she pulls from concepts developed by Alfred Adler, helping her clients discover where they best fit in the world.  She places great importance upon nurturing and understanding our true selves.  As a result, individuals find clarity in the way they view themselves and the roles they fulfill in life.

In addition to traditional talk therapy, Andrea has a unique skill set in art therapy.  When appropriate, she utilizes the creative process to further enhance the healing process.  Art therapy is a powerful tool that can allow a dialogue to be spoken that may be too difficult to speak aloud.  This non-verbal dialect has been scientifically proven to aid in the recovery of addiction, trauma, stress, anxiety, depression, and has shown to be beneficial in many other realms of hurt and healing.  Art therapy is a powerful tool for all ages and when combined with talk therapy can result in life-changing experiences.  If this is something you may find interesting, please don’t hesitate to ask.

At Foundations Counseling, Andrea Yaverski offers a compassionate and engaging approach, enabling her to work with a variety of clients who seek services, including:

  • Children, Adolescents, and Teens – self-esteem and self-worth issues, anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, school issues, changes within the family structure, anger and defiance, drug and alcohol use, physical and developmental disabilities, and creative therapies including art, movement, and play
  • Mental Health and Wellness – anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, addiction, sleep disorders, trauma and abuse recovery, self-care, boundaries, holistic health, art therapy
  • Life Transitions – restoring meaning to life, establishing self, career counseling, life stages, adjustment, terminal illness, end-of-life, grief and loss
  • Relationship and Family Issues – communication, couples counseling, alternative relationships, adults with developmental disabilities, families dealing with terminal illness, trauma recovery

Andrea Yaverski received a Master of Arts Degree in Counseling and Art Therapy from Adler University in Chicago, Illinois.  While studying in Chicago, she spent time researching sleep disorders including insomnia, night terrors, and overall sleep hygiene.  Following her research, Andrea presented in numerous professional settings on the benefits of sleep and the impact it has on our overall health.  In addition to sleep hygiene, she has spent time researching and learning about social justice.  Andrea has attended trainings and is devoted to focusing on multicultural competencies. Topics she has studied include “Understanding Cultural Lenses” and “Exploring Dimensions of Diversity”.  To further her support, Andrea completed “Share the DREAM: Undocumented Student Ally Training” at Loyola University.

Andrea’s clinical background includes working with individuals impacted by cancer.  She has provided counseling services for cancer survivors and their family members.  Andrea conducted individual, couples, family, and group counseling for those coping with a cancer diagnosis.  Together they would explore complex conversations regarding the meaning of life, grief and loss, and overcoming the trauma that comes with a cancer diagnosis.  This work has shown her how important life is and to cherish the moments we have today.

Following this work, Andrea pursued a career in counseling individuals impacted by severe and persistent mental illness.  As a result, she has experience working with individuals diagnosed with bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and mood disorder, personality disorders, major depression, seasonal affective disorder (S.A.D.), generalized anxiety disorder (G.A.D.), social anxiety, addiction recovery, and developmental disabilities.

Before Andrea’s clinical experience as a therapist, she attended Colorado State University – Pueblo in Pueblo, Colorado.  While there, she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Digital Art.  She also completed a double minor in Psychology and English.  During this time Andrea began her career in community support as she worked diligently in the world of non-profit.  She developed a passion for improving her community.  This drive manifested from the numerous individuals and families she encountered along the way.  Her goal was to help those around her live a healthier and more meaningful life.  This passion led to her pursuit of counseling.

When Andrea isn’t working, she enjoys riding her bike, getting outside, writing, and creating art.  Andrea is an advocate for suicide prevention and encourages everyone to take a moment to be kind to themselves and those around them.

Professional Affiliations: 
American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT)
American Counseling Association (ACA)
American Mental Health Counseling Association (AMHCA)
American Psychological Association (APA)
Association for Multicultural Counseling and Development (AMCD)
Association for Specialists in Group Work (ASGW)
International Association of Marriage and Family Counselors (IAMFC)
Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health (SASH)
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