4 Best New Year’s Resolutions for Your Relationship

4 Ways to Improve Your Relationships in the New Year

Many couples fall into the habit of placing their relationship at the bottoms of their to-do lists. From career concerns to parental responsibilities, all sorts of daily issues can steal our attention from the one we love. The new year is a great opportunity to reflect on, revitalize and renew your relationship. Here are four worthwhile New Year’s Resolutions for your relationship.


  1. Prioritize your partner. In today's modern world, both men and women find themselves overwhelmed with stress and responsibilities. Unfortunately, we tend to focus most of our energy putting out fires at work, while placing our relationships on the back burner. This year, try to focus on making your partner a priority. Whether you take a moment to check in every day or commit to having a date night every month, you should create sacred times when your relationship will always come first.

  1. Create tech-free times. Whether it's Facebook, email or the latest addictive app, smartphones and tablets summon our focus with an endless array of irresistible content. If you have your device within reach, it will be difficult to resist checking it, especially when you feel disinterested or bored. Instead of getting angry or rolling your eyes when your partner stares at his or her screen, agree to set your devices in another room for an hour or two every night. You can use the time to talk, watch a movie or play a game. It may sound like a bit of a bore at first, but you'd be surprised how creative you can get when you don't have your digital crutch to lean on.

  1. Be a little more affectionate. During the early years of a relationship, it's common for couples to hug, hold hands and sit on the same side of a booth. Over time, however, we tend to get away from these habits, thanks to a variety of reasons. Research is showing that touching triggers the release of oxytocin, a hormone that is thought to promote closeness and trust. Other studies suggest that people enjoy relief from depression when they receive a massage from a loved one. However and whenever you choose to do it, try to focus on becoming more affectionate with your partner this year. It might mean holding hands while you watch television or giving the occasional foot rub. Whatever the case, when you touch your partner, you will be setting off a powerful physiological response that can bring you closer, while elevating both of your moods.

  1. Commit to kindness. Unfortunately, when we spend a lot of time with our partners, we tend to develop bad habits that push them away. We might find ourselves treating our partners in ways we would never treat a close friend. Whether you roll your eyes when your partner tells the same story for the third time or criticize your partner for an oversight, you are not cultivating closeness. Remember that no one is perfect and that you make mistakes too. Instead of taking every opportunity to point out an error or flaw, try to show more compassion, understanding and kindness.

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