Family Time is Now All the Time: 4 Tips for Going Through Quarantine Together

4 Tips For Families Suddenly Quarantined Together


Chances are, you had no idea the coronavirus pandemic was going to change your life so quickly and in so many ways. There was no way to prepare, and parents are in a particularly tough spot as they try to create a new plan for entertaining and homeschooling their children

Needless to say, your family might be experiencing the stress of suddenly being stuck in tight quarters together. Here are four tips to help your family get through the COVID-19 quarantine.

1. Establish a new routine

With so many unexpected changes happening all over the world right now, establishing a new routine and sticking to it can give your kids (and everyone else in the family) stability. There are so many uncertainties, but knowing what to expect can lessen the stress on your family as you navigate this new reality together. 

Days can fly by when you don’t make plans, and building a new routine can be a fun activity. Ask your kids for their opinions and what they’d like to do. Make sure they understand what COVID-19 really is and how coronavirus is impacting the world. The more they understand, the more they’ll comprehend why they can’t play with friends or go to school.

2. Support, but don’t stress

As your kids make the switch to virtual learning, there will be growing pains while everyone figures out the new online platforms and methods. 

Be patient, and remember that your stress will make your children stress, too. It’s important to support them as they process the changing world, but not try to handle it all for them. They’ll learn. There are plenty of support systems in place to encourage continued learning, including online teaching materials and programs that many companies are currently offering for free. Your child’s school likely has distance learning tools, too. Just remember, we’ll all get through this together.

3. Take this time to try new things

If your kids want to try a new hobby or activity, this is a great time to get started. Find activities that you can do as a family, and bonus points if you try something completely new together. You can explore a new street in your neighborhood (while following social distancing guidelines), learn a dance together, do a puzzle, try a craft, play a new game or anything else that appeals to your family.

4. Show interest in what they’re interested in

Your children are likely already on social media or are curious about it, so experiencing the quarantine together could be a perfect opportunity to discuss how permanent the internet is and safe usage of social media

Parents of preteens and/or teenagers can take this chance to learn current trends and popular hobbies from their kids, and maybe even try one of the prevalent hobbies with them! For example, try making a TikTok video with your kids — they might be reluctant at first, but you’ll all get a good laugh.

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