Best of 2017 - Top 8 Best Mental Health Resources for Professionals

8 Great Mental Health Resources for Practicing Professionals

Even the most experienced mental health professionals can find themselves in need of support from time to time. Whether it's a challenging patient, administrative issues or continuing education, there are a number of great resources specifically designed for psychotherapists and health-care professionals. Here’s our comprehensive recap of 2017’s most popular options.


  1. Psychology Tools: With information sheets, templates and worksheets, Psychology Tools offers the best centralized collection of tools for therapists and other mental health workers. Ideal for those just entering the profession, along with seasoned pros who just need to get more organized, the site offers direct downloads of blank formulations, therapy blueprints, thought records and specific disorder formulations. All templates and worksheets are downloadable as complimentary PDFs.

  1. Therapist Aid: This comprehensive website is dedicated to handouts, tools and worksheets for mental health counselors. Operated by licensed mental health professionals, Therapist Aid allows visitors to search for resources by type, topic, disorder or demographic. From anger and depression to CNT and self-harm, there are numerous helpful worksheets available.

  1. ADAA tools: The Anxiety and Depression Association of America offers a complete online assessment that lets patients answer yes or no questions drawn from commonly used psychiatric disorder scales. Professionals can leverage this resource to quickly screen patients and gain convenient insight into potential underlying problems.

  1. Zur Institute: Dedicated to providing free information and continuing education for psychotherapists and other health-care professionals, the Zur Institute has compiled a spectacular collection of apps for treating everything from addiction and anxiety to bipolar disorder, agoraphobia, OCD, PTSD, insomnia, eating disorders and trichotillomania. There are also apps that focus on better practice management, HIPAA compliance and even therapist burnout.

  1. Appointment Scheduling Tools: Day-to-day operational tasks can take the joy out of a therapy practice. Fortunately, there are a number of tools available to help with scheduling, confirmations and record keeping. Some of the more popular ones include, which integrates Google calendars;, which is 100 percent free for up to 50 appointments per month; and Setmore, which comes with SMS appointment reminders and two-way calendar syncing.

  1. Assessment Psychology: Designed for mental health professionals, students, educators and patients, this informative resource offers reliable, authoritative information related to everything from practice management to psychological assessment and patient testing. Discover dozens of useful tests, including ADHD health checks, alcoholism screenings and mania-depression mood scales. It also includes mental health state exams and personality assessments.

  1. iCouch: In addition to streamlining practice management, scheduling and payments, iCouch lets you to conduct HIPAA-compliant videoconferencing. Not only does this allow you to work with remote patients, you can even conduct group sessions for up to 30 simultaneous participants. Best of all, it works on laptops, desktop computers, iPhone, iPad and Android without the need for additional downloads or apps.

  1. Family Therapy Magazine: Produced by the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, this excellent information source allows counselors to stay updated about advancements, trends, research and technologies related to couples and family therapy.

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