A Guide for Couples Under Quarantine During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Six things to keep in mind as you go through the COVID-19 quarantine with your partner


Coronavirus and the shelter-in-place orders sweeping the nation have tossed “normal” aside. For couples who may be experiencing a little too much togetherness during the COVID-19 quarantine procedures, here are six things to keep in mind.


1. Keep Communicating

It may sound obvious, but communication is essential – now more than ever. Your daily routines have been disrupted, and you’re figuring out your new normal. It’s important to do this together since you’re living in the same space and are both trying to adjust to the quarantine. 

Keeping your partner in the loop with your plans can lessen the stress that comes from these changes.


2. Have a Meal Plan

Sometimes, you need to apply some strategic thinking and planning to basic everyday tasks, like meals. The last thing you want to deal with right now is two people getting hangry at the same.  

On the bright side, this is an excellent opportunity to explore new restaurants since many are now offering free delivery, or you could take the coronavirus quarantine as an opportunity to learn how to cook a new meal together.


3. Catch Up On All the Things

Life can be hectic at the best of times, so the slower pace brought by the coronavirus quarantine could be a great time to catch up on some activities that might fall through the cracks ordinarily. Two major ones are cleaning and budgeting


4. Stay Active

Tempting as it is, this is not the time to watch Netflix for hours on end. Physical activity keeps your immune system strong and improves your mood, and working out is something you can do with your partner to make it even more fun. 

Gyms across the nation are posting free workout routines online since they can’t offer physical classes right now, and if you can’t resist the TV, you can turn the TV episode you’re watching into a workout game


5. Make Time for Yourself

Being together is fun, but you and your partner need time for individual self-care, too. You can hang out in separate rooms or go for a walk if you need more physical space. Or maybe you just need some quiet time to read a book by yourself, which is a completely reasonable request (just remember to communicate).


6. Try to Out-Serve One Another

You’re dealing with your emotions and your partner’s emotions – and they’re dealing with yours, too. Try to be patient and positive. Taking an extra few minutes to do something nice for your significant other during the COVID-19 quarantine will only strengthen your relationship. Find new ways to put one another first! 

As you go through each day of the quarantine, it’s also not a bad idea to consider virtual couples therapy since you’ll be spending so much time together for the next few weeks.


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