Realistic New Year’s Resolutions

Healthy New Year’s Resolutions Anyone Can Do

According to research, only about 8 percent of people are able to achieve their New Year's resolutions. Why do so many people fail? While the reasons can vary, much of the time it's because they make unrealistic plans that seriously disrupt their daily lives. If you would like to change your life for the better this year, consider the following practical New Year's resolutions that offer big benefits without the need for major sacrifices.


Improve your sleep hygiene. Few things impact our lives as much as sleep. Countless studies have shown that inadequate sleep increases our risk of disease, while also promoting anxiety, depression and mental health issues. Unfortunately, not everyone falls asleep the moment their heads hit the pillow. This year, prioritize sleep by adopting habits that promote better sleep. This means avoiding caffeine and alcohol, which are known to disrupt the quality of sleep. You should also avoid blue light from tablets and smartphones within an hour or two of bedtime, since this has been shown to promote wakefulness.


Take more walks. Many people approach the first of January with bold ideas of how they will finally get in shape. Unfortunately, most of these people give up their big plans once their motivation fizzles. It may not be easy to get to the gym as often as you would like; however, research suggests that you can significantly improve your health and reduce the risk of disease by taking regular walks. Instead of making unrealistic plans to run a marathon or gain ten pounds of muscle, consider getting out for a walk as often as you can.


Read more. Since we were children, we've heard about all the supposed benefits of reading. If you're somewhat skeptical, consider that researchers have used functional magnetic resonance imaging to prove that reading can make positive long-term changes to the brain. What's more, you don't have to read boring academic papers to get the benefits. According to studies, even the lightest fiction could have positive benefits as long as you read on a regular basis.


Keep a journal. There are a number of benefits that come with journaling. For one, it helps us clarify thoughts and feelings. It can also help us get to know ourselves better and solve problems more effectively. Journaling can also help us resolve disagreements with others and cope with difficult feelings. In fact, according to research, when people regularly write in their journals, they tend to have an easier time regulating emotions. If you are looking for a way to improve your well-being in the coming year, try setting aside some time to write about your feelings and experiences. Even if you only spend five minutes writing in your journal, you are likely to experience a shift in perspective, especially if you do it every day.


Add color to your plate. Eating healthier is one of the most common - and unsuccessful - New Year's resolutions. Instead of adopting some fad diet, try to add a single serving of fruits or vegetables to every one of your meals. It's a lot easier to commit to just one serving, and - since they are high in fiber - fruits and vegetables tend to promote fullness, which can help you eat less. Even if you don't shed weight as fast as you'd like, you will be getting valuable nutrients and antioxidants which will ultimately promote better health.


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