This Valentine’s Day, Make Sure to Show Yourself Some Love

Skip the Candy and Flowers and Embrace Self-Love this Valentine’s Day


Whether you’re in a relationship or single, we can all use Valentine’s Day to look at our own negative thoughts and feelings toward ourselves. Here are a few ideas on how to embrace you self-worth and practice self-love this Valentine’s Day.


Unplug and tune in to you

It’s hard to listen to your own needs when you are listening to all the chatter that is part of our daily lives.

Every day, take at least 15 minutes to turn off the TV, put down your phone, ignore your email and pretend social media doesn’t exist. Use the quiet to spoil yourself. Have a nice cup of tea or take a soothing bubble bath. Give thanks for those things that make you uniquely you and you wouldn’t trade for anything.

A few minutes of quiet contemplation is a great way to give yourself a daily dose of self-love.


Get by with a little help from your friends

People we love and people who love us are our best allies in remembering your self-worth. Friends and family can help you stay motivated, can infuse you with positive energy and can help you stay on track with your goals.

It can be exhausting to stay motivated all by yourself. Allow those who know where you’ve been and where you’re trying to go to prop you up when you need a boost.


Make a list of positives
Negativity is an sneaky trap. One thought leads to another which leads the next and before you know it, you’re feeling there’s just nothing to feel good about in your life.

Stop! There’s so much to love about you and your life. If you lose sight of it, just write it down. List those things that are going well and working for you. Seeing that inventory on paper, it’s hard to deny all the positives about you and it is easier to love yourself.

Fuel your engine
Just as your mind can’t thrive on a steady diet of negative thoughts, your body can’t thrive on a diet of pizza and French fries. Eating nutritious foods is important not only for keeping the pounds off and the cholesterol count down. Fueling yourself with fruits, veggies and proteins is good for physical AND mental energy.

When your mind is energized, it’s easier to keep track of all those things you love about you.

Make room for the good stuff
It might sound a bit odd at first, but clearing your clutter can help you eliminate distractions that hinder your ability to love yourself. Clean out your closet and the junk drawer.

Letting go of physical stuff is therapeutic and is good practice for letting go of all that mental stuff that stands in the way of progress. Think of it like this: You can’t make way for new things if you have too many things taking up valuable space. Get rid of what you don’t need or those things that tie you to negative parts of you past, and open the door for good things to take their place.  

Stop comparing yourself
When you compare yourself and your life to others, you turn your focus back to the negative. Don’t let the lives of others be the measuring stick for your life. Keep track of YOUR successes and good days, because those are the things matter.

You can’t live someone else’s life, live yours and live it well.

Do those things you do well
If you’re bad at cooking, eat out or order in. If you’re good at cooking, whip up a feast. Spending time doing things you’re good at is a great self-esteem boost.

Where’s your happy place?
Whether it’s the beach, the mountains or your favorite easy chair, there are those places where you just inherently feel good. Visit that place often, so you can connect with yourself and let go of all the worries that pester you. Don’t think about bills or deadlines, just think about you.

Let it go
Don’t break into song like Elsa in “Frozen,” but do release all that stuff that weighs you down. Worry is such an energy drain. Don’t dwell on what-ifs and should-haves, instead focus your energy on looking forward and all the good things yet to come.

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