Affair Recovery Counseling in Fort Collins, Loveland, and Windsor, CO

Foundations Counseling offers affair recovery counseling in Fort Collins, Loveland, and Windsor. Affair recovery therapy can help partners and spouses who are struggling to move past an affair.

You thought you had an understanding with your partner or spouse, one that included not having a romantic or sexual relationship with anyone outside your relationship or marriage. Now, you either suspect, or know for a fact, that your partner has been unfaithful – or you are (or were) the one cheating. If you, or your partner, have been disloyal, our affair recovery counseling can help you through this very difficult time.

Nothing stirs up more intense feelings than coping with infidelity. People frequently report feeling out of control and even crazy at times. This is true for both the person being cheated on as well as the one doing the cheating. Cheating, or being cheated on, creates a major crisis in the lives of those involved. When it does, one word takes center stage – the word that says it all...


Few feelings can compare. Even death is often easier to deal with than betrayal. Betraying someone who trusted you often produces more guilt than almost any other misdeed. Being betrayed by an affair causes a wound at the deepest level.

What You Can Expect with Affair Recovery Counseling

Foundations Counseling provides affair recovery counseling in Fort Collins, Loveland, and Windsor. We will help you sort through the feelings that come from betrayal and then help you chart a path to affair recovery, whether you choose to end the relationship or stay in it.

If you decide to stay, we will help you make the relationship the best it can be using the research and methods of John Gottman, Ph.D. During affair recovery counseling, you will learn not only how to have a happy, stable relationship, but also how to establish honesty and loyalty in your relationship to avoid experiencing this crisis again. Dr. Gottman has been researching marriage for over 30 years. What you will learn comes from the most reliable marital research ever conducted.

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Heather & Garth
My husband and I are very pleased with our counselor, Seth Spurgeon, and feel like our sessions are effective in improving our marraige and family issues. I do wish sessions were more affordable.
February 16th, 2020 a 09:30 AM
Loveland - Foundations Counseling LLCLoveland, CO 80538
November 22nd, 2019 a 09:31 AM
Loveland - Foundations Counseling LLCLoveland, CO 80538
Very easy to arrange for a preliminary free consultation. Staff at Loveland office are friendly and professional. It is a safe and non-threatening place to talk and receive actionable advice and counseling for a wide range of personal issues. Sessions do cost a bit but are well worth it in the long run! I always take away a positive idea or action plan after each session with my Councellor. Highly recommended!!!!
November 21st, 2019 a 06:18 PM
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