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Counseling Specialties

Empowering Your Journey

Explore our wide range of counseling specialties at Foundations. Whether you're seeking support for personal challenges, relationships, or mental health issues, our expert therapists are here to guide you towards growth beyond healing.

Individual Counseling

Experience transformative individual counseling at Foundations, where personalized sessions tailored for growth, well-being, and lasting change await. With our unwavering commitment to personalized care, our counselor match guarantee ensures seamless pairing with the professional best equipped to meet your needs. Benefit from expedited appointments, often within 48 hours, and handpicked professionals trained to deliver unparalleled expertise. If you seek genuine change, Foundations Counseling is your destination for a brighter tomorrow.

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Couples Counseling

Embark on a transformative journey toward a stronger, more fulfilling partnership with Foundations Couples Therapy. Our expert counselors offer personalized strategies to reignite your connection, enhance communication, and overcome challenges like frequent arguments, trust issues, and communication breakdowns. With our promise of scheduling your session within 48 hours, begin your journey swiftly. Let us guide you toward a healthier, happier future together. Reach out today and rediscover the love and deep connection you deserve.

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Marriage Counseling

Transform your relationship with our professional marriage counseling and therapy services. Our experienced therapists provide personalized strategies and compassionate support to help you navigate challenges, enhance communication, and reconnect deeply. Start your journey towards a stronger, happier partnership today.

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Child & Teen Counseling

Discover compassionate and professional child and teen counseling services at Foundations. With same-day to 48-hour appointment scheduling, our highly trained counselors swiftly address the needs of young minds. Our tailored approach ensures specialized care, fostering growth and healing. Prioritizing counselor well-being enables them to focus entirely on your child's journey. We're dedicated to genuine healing and offer a safe space for children and teens to navigate their challenges. Start your child's journey to emotional well-being today.

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Family Counseling

Discover a path to harmony and understanding with our expert family counseling and therapy services. Our experienced therapists offer personalized support to help your family navigate challenges, improve communication, and foster stronger connections. Start your journey to a healthier family dynamic today.

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Career Coaching

Access dedicated career coaching to help you understand and fulfill your professional potential. Our coaches in Fort Collins, Loveland, and Windsor provide tailored support to refine your goals, overcome obstacles, and boost job satisfaction, equipping you with the necessary tools for successful career navigation and achievement.

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Online Counseling

Experience transformative healing with our online therapy and counseling services, where urgency meets expertise. We redefine accessibility, ensuring you can book sessions within the same day to 48 hours because immediate support is vital. Our platform stands out by featuring better-trained counseling professionals deeply invested in your journey toward well-being. We take exceptional care of our counselors, creating an environment where they can focus solely on your needs, making our service unparalleled in quality and empathy.

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Group Counseling

Experience compassionate and effective group therapy and counseling services at Foundations. With a commitment to accessibility, we offer multiple options for group therapy sessions, ensuring support is readily available. Our highly trained counselors prioritize your well-being, fostering an environment of growth and healing. Embrace the power of collective healing, where mutual support and accountability drive personal development. Join our community today and embark on a journey of healing and growth with us.

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Guaranteed Counselor Match

At Foundations, you're assured the right counselor match. If your initial pairing doesn't meet your needs, you can request a new counselor for free. This guarantee enhances your comfort and therapy effectiveness, ensuring a seamless and client-centered process focused on your satisfaction.

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LGBTQ+ Counseling

Experience compassionate and affirming LGBTQ+ counseling services at Foundations. Our expert therapists offer rapid access to support with same-day to 48-hour appointment scheduling. With specialized training in LGBTQ+ issues, our counselors provide understanding, empathy, and tailored strategies for your unique journey. We prioritize your well-being in a supportive, honest, and inclusive environment. Join us for transformative counseling that respects and celebrates your identity.

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Bilingual & Spanish Counseling

Discover compassionate and confidential Spanish counseling and therapy services at Foundations. Our expert therapists offer same-day to 48-hour appointment settings, ensuring rapid access to support in your language. With a focus on practical results, our Spanish-speaking counselors provide tailored care for various mental health needs, from depression and anxiety to relationship challenges. Choose our culturally sensitive approach for a supportive and understanding environment where your well-being is our top priority. Schedule your appointment today and start your journey towards healing and growth with counselors who speak your language.

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Anxiety Therapy

We offer a comprehensive approach to anxiety therapy, focusing on the root causes of anxiety disorders. Our therapists use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), mindfulness, and personalized coping strategies to help clients overcome fears and chronic anxiety, creating a safe environment for individuals to regain control of their emotions and enjoy a fulfilling, anxiety-free life.

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Depression Therapy & Counseling

Our depression therapy services are designed to help you regain balance and joy in life. By understanding the causes of your depression and addressing negative thoughts, our expert counselors utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Psychodynamic Therapy to develop effective coping strategies. We provide personalized treatment plans in a supportive environment, focusing on restoring relationships and daily routines, aiming for a resilient and hopeful mindset.

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Grief & Loss Therapy

You'll receive personalized grief and loss counseling to guide you through profound sorrow and life changes. Our counselors support your process at your own pace, helping you manage emotional pain, adjust to new circumstances, and move forward. This supportive journey fosters healing and hope.

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Trauma Therapy & Counseling

Foundations offers specialized trauma therapy to help individuals recover from deep-seated traumatic experiences. Our compassionate therapists use proven therapeutic methods, such as CBT and EMDR, tailored to each person's unique needs. We prioritize creating a safe space to process traumatic memories, aiming to lessen their emotional impact and empower you to regain control of your life.​

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Eating Disorders Therapy

Foundations offer specialized therapy for eating disorders, aiding individuals in overcoming anorexia, bulimia, and compulsive eating through tailored treatment plans. This includes nutritional education, body image work, and individual counseling, helping clients develop healthier coping mechanisms and a positive self-image. The supportive environment ensures clients receive the guidance needed to understand and change behaviors, promoting long-term recovery and a healthier relationship with food​

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Abuse Therapy & Counseling

Survivors of abuse find a safe space for recovery with specialized therapy that addresses emotional and psychological scars. Expert therapists support each individual's journey toward healing, focusing on building resilience, managing trauma, and promoting long-term emotional health with personalized treatment plans. This tailored support helps clients reclaim their lives and enhance self-understanding.

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Growth Beyond Healing

Foundations' "Growth Beyond Healing" approach to therapy focuses on more than just your recovery; it aims for your personal development. This method combines traditional therapeutic techniques with activities that foster self-discovery and life skills. By emphasizing both healing and growth, you are equipped not only to overcome challenges but also to thrive. This holistic strategy helps you build resilience and achieve lasting wellness.

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Bipolar Disorder Therapy

Comprehensive bipolar disorder therapy is designed to manage the condition's unique challenges, including cognitive-behavioral techniques, personalized treatment plans, and family involvement. Skilled therapists help stabilize mood swings and improve well-being, assisting individuals and their families in recognizing and modifying behavior patterns and enhancing coping strategies for effectively managing both manic and depressive episodes.

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Play Therapy

Play therapy is a pivotal tool to aid children in expressing emotions and overcoming challenges. Using toys as their language, children work through feelings of confusion, anxiety, and grief in a secure setting. This approach empowers them with coping strategies for life's challenges, enhancing resilience and worldview while involving parents to support their child's therapeutic journey and progress.

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EMDR Therapy

EMDR Therapy addresses and alleviates the psychological stress of trauma by combining eye movements with other sensory inputs to reprocess traumatic memories, making them less distressing. This method integrates various therapeutic approaches, helping individuals reframe negative experiences and promote emotional healing. It is particularly effective for PTSD, anxiety, and other stress-related conditions, offering a scientifically backed method to regain control over emotional responses.

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Foundations offer Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), a transformative approach enabling individuals to identify and alter detrimental thought patterns and behaviors. Through structured sessions, clients learn practical strategies to manage depression, anxiety, and other conditions, promoting lasting mental health improvements. CBT's evidence-based methods focus on equipping clients with skills for better emotional regulation and proactive problem-solving, enhancing overall well-being and life satisfaction.

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Art Therapy

Art therapy integrates creative expression with traditional counseling techniques at Foundations to foster deep emotional healing and self-discovery. This approach allows individuals to articulate feelings and conflicts through artistic creation, providing a unique and effective therapy modality. Art therapy helps address psychological issues by externalizing emotions and promoting personal growth and transformation. It’s designed for all skill levels, ensuring that anyone can benefit from the therapeutic power of art, regardless of artistic experience.​

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PTSD Therapy

Specialized PTSD therapy helps individuals manage intense emotional responses to trauma using techniques like CBT, EMDR, and narrative therapy. This treatment reduces trauma's emotional burden, promotes healing, and supports functional recovery. Tailored to individual needs, it helps overcome persistent distress, fostering emotional resilience and a more fulfilling life. Therapy sessions aim to restore a sense of safety and control.

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ADD & ADHD Therapy

Therapy for ADD and ADHD is focused on enhancing attention, reducing impulsivity, and managing hyperactivity through well-structured strategies and coping mechanisms. Suitable for individuals of all ages, this therapy improves daily functionality and academic success, fostering better relationships and personal growth. Cognitive behavioral treatment aids clients in understanding and changing their thought patterns and behaviors, leading to significant life enhancements and self-empowerment.

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Codependency Therapy

Focused codependency counseling helps you understand and modify unhealthy relationship dynamics. It addresses issues like excessive caretaking and control, aiding in developing healthier interpersonal relationships and personal autonomy. The therapy emphasizes establishing boundaries, enhancing self-esteem, and reducing dependency, empowering you to create mutually satisfying and emotionally enriching relationships.

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Explore Our Healing Library

Explore the Healing Library blog by Foundations Counseling for valuable mental health tips and insightful articles, designed to support your journey towards emotional well-being and personal growth.

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Life Coaching

Life coaching empowers you to clarify your goals, identify your values, and pursue meaningful success in personal and professional areas. Our coaches provide structured support to help you navigate life transitions and build confidence, fostering a proactive approach to challenges. This personalized coaching experience aligns your actions with your deepest aspirations, enabling sustained personal growth and achievement.

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Women's Counseling

Women's counseling addresses women's emotional and mental health needs across various life stages. Our counselors help women handle role pressures, mental wellness, and personal development challenges. Therapy sessions are customized to tackle issues like depression, anxiety, and stress, offering a safe space for women to explore their feelings, build resilience, and empower them to lead fulfilling lives.

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Men's Counseling

Men's counseling helps men cope with evolving societal expectations and personal challenges. The programs focus on enhancing communication skills, understanding emotional responses, and improving relationship dynamics. Tailored therapeutic strategies, including cognitive-behavioral and psychodynamic therapy, guide men toward greater self-awareness and resilience, addressing issues like stress, depression, and the complexities of modern roles and identities for comprehensive mental health and well-being.

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Avoidant Personality Disorder

Therapy for Avoidant Personality Disorder focuses on overcoming anxieties that impact relationships. The counseling uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and various methods to enhance self-worth, lessen social avoidance, and develop healthier interpersonal connections. This treatment helps individuals identify and modify negative thought patterns, increasing confidence and enabling more open engagement with others, leading to a more satisfying life.

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Christian Counseling

Christian counseling at Foundations seamlessly combines faith-based principles with professional therapeutic techniques, fostering spiritual and emotional healing. This approach helps guide individuals towards achieving peace and fulfillment in their lives. By addressing both spiritual and psychological needs, our counseling supports personal growth and greater emotional resilience, empowering individuals to navigate life's challenges with faith and confidence. Start your journey towards a more fulfilled and balanced life today.

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Anger Management

Take the first step towards serenity with our Anger Management Counseling. Our tailored approach helps you uncover the roots of your anger, equipping you with practical strategies for transformation. Embrace a balanced life by mastering emotional control, improving relationships, and achieving lasting peace. Start your journey today and rediscover your calm, composed version with our expert guidance. Let us help you turn your reactions into thoughtful responses.

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Gambling Addiction Therapy

Overcome gambling disorder with focused, therapeutic support. Our specialized counselors employ advanced techniques to uncover the roots of your addiction, providing personalized strategies for lasting change. We help you develop skills for managing impulses and rebuilding your life, ensuring a compassionate and comprehensive approach to recovery. Our therapy is designed to empower you, fostering a journey towards healing that is as enduring as it is transformative.

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Obesity and Weight Loss Therapy

Start your transformative health journey with our specialized obesity and weight loss counseling services. Experience prompt, tailored support combining nutrition, exercise, and emotional guidance. Our dedicated counselors use the latest techniques to empower you, focusing on sustainable results and personal growth. We ensure you have swift access to care and continuous encouragement. Choose us to celebrate each step toward a healthier, more fulfilled life.

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Explore Our Healing Library Blog

Discover the Healing Library blog by Foundations, your go-to resource for valuable mental health tips and insightful articles. Our blog is dedicated to supporting your emotional well-being and personal growth journey. Whether seeking advice on managing stress, improving relationships, or enhancing your overall mental health, the Healing Library offers practical guidance and expert insights to help you thrive. Join our community and start your journey to better mental health today.


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Discover tailored OCD therapy solutions at Foundations Counseling. Our dedicated therapists provide personalized treatment plans and innovative strategies to help you manage and overcome OCD symptoms. With ongoing support and a deep understanding of OCD complexities, we guide you toward lasting well-being and resilience. Start your journey to recovery and enjoy a more controlled, fulfilling life with our expert guidance and compassionate care.

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Personality Disorders Treatment

Begin your journey to better mental health with our specialized personality disorders treatment service. Access expert care quickly with appointments available often on the same day, ensuring no delays in starting your path to wellness. Our trained professionals utilize the latest therapeutic techniques, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), tailored to your specific condition. Join us in a supportive environment and empower yourself with strategies for long-term improvement and growth.

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Postpartum Depression Therapy

Our postpartum depression therapy provides immediate, expert support for new mothers. With appointments available within 48 hours, we ensure you get the help you need quickly. Our counselors are not only highly trained but also deeply committed to your healing and growth. We focus on practical strategies, accountability, and genuine care, offering a no-nonsense approach to therapy. Choose our services for a dedicated partner in your journey toward recovery and well-being.

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Premarital Counseling

Embark on your journey to marital bliss with our premier premarital counseling service. We provide swift scheduling, ensuring appointments within 48 hours. Our highly trained counselors are passionate about fostering love, understanding, and growth in your relationship. With a no-nonsense approach, we emphasize accountability and transparency, guiding you through your pre-engagement journey with honesty and empathy. Choose us to lay a strong foundation for a fulfilling and lasting marriage. Reach out today to schedule your session.

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Self-esteem Counseling

Experience top-tier self-esteem counseling at our center, where promptness, professionalism, and genuine care are our priorities. With appointments available within 24 to 48 hours, our highly trained counselors employ advanced techniques to address self-esteem issues effectively. Our approach is built on accountability and a no-nonsense attitude, ensuring every session fosters real growth and healing. We create a nurturing environment for our counselors, enabling them to provide exceptional care. Partner with us on your journey to a positive self-image and improved well-being.

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Sex Therapy

Our sex therapy service provides expert, confidential support for individuals and couples facing sexual health and intimacy challenges. Our highly trained therapists create a safe space to discuss concerns, using evidence-based techniques to address issues like sexual dysfunction, performance anxiety, and communication difficulties. We focus on enhancing sexual satisfaction, improving relationships, and fostering a positive sexual well-being. Begin your journey towards a healthier, more fulfilling sexual life with our compassionate and professional guidance.

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Sleep Disorder Therapy

Our sleep disorder therapy provides expert, personalized treatment for various sleep issues, including insomnia and sleep apnea. Our certified therapists use a combination of cognitive-behavioral therapy, relaxation techniques, and sleep hygiene education to help you achieve restful nights and enhance overall well-being. By creating a supportive and compassionate environment, we address the underlying causes of your sleep problems, promoting healthier sleep patterns and improved quality of life. Start your journey to better sleep and well-being with our specialized care.

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Sports Performance Therapy

Our Sports Performance Therapy provides specialized support to enhance your athletic potential. Our expert therapists use tailored strategies to improve mental resilience, focus, and overall performance. Whether you're aiming to overcome mental blocks, improve concentration, or achieve peak performance, we offer personalized guidance to help you reach your goals. Experience the difference with our comprehensive approach, designed to support your journey to becoming an elite athlete. Start maximizing your athletic abilities with our dedicated therapy services today.

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Unlock new paths to personal growth with our Growth Beyond Healing monthly newsletter. Get expert insights, mental health tips, and inspiring stories delivered straight to your inbox. Join our community today and start your journey towards a healthier, happier you. Sign up now!


Stress Management Therapy

Our stress management therapy provides expert guidance to help you identify and manage stressors effectively. Our approach includes cognitive-behavioral techniques, relaxation methods like deep breathing and mindfulness, and healthy lifestyle changes. We offer personalized support to improve your coping skills, enhance emotional resilience, and promote overall well-being. Whether facing work pressures, relationship challenges, or everyday stress, our therapy helps you achieve a calmer, more balanced life. Start your journey to stress-free living with our compassionate care.

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Weekend Therapy & Counseling

Welcome to Weekend Counseling Services, where we prioritize your mental health with personalized weekend therapy sessions. Our highly trained counselors provide same-day to 48-hour appointments, ensuring swift and effective care. Focused on your healing and growth, our weekend sessions offer authentic, no-nonsense guidance. We are dedicated to helping you navigate life's challenges with convenient, impactful therapy available every weekend. Trust us to be your partner in achieving personal well-being and progress.

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Affair Recovery Therapy

Affair recovery therapy offers compassionate support for couples dealing with the aftermath of infidelity. Skilled therapists provide a safe, confidential environment to facilitate open communication, address emotional wounds, and rebuild trust. Couples explore underlying issues, develop healing strategies, and strengthen their relationship. With personalized guidance, this therapy transforms crisis into an opportunity for growth and deeper connection. Begin your journey to recovery and a stronger partnership with dedicated therapy services.

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Divorce Recovery Therapy

Divorce recovery therapy offers compassionate support for individuals facing the emotional challenges of separation. Our skilled therapists provide a safe space to process feelings, adjust to new life circumstances, and foster personal growth. Through effective coping strategies, improved communication skills, and resilience-building techniques, we help clients navigate the transition and rebuild their lives. Our goal is to guide you toward healing and a fulfilling, meaningful life post-divorce, with a focus on emotional renewal and self-discovery.

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Drug & Alcohol Addiction Counseling

Drug and alcohol addiction counseling offers expert support to help individuals overcome substance abuse. Our certified counselors provide personalized, confidential care, addressing the psychological and emotional aspects of addiction. Through individual therapy, group sessions, and family involvement, we help clients develop coping strategies, build a support system, and achieve long-term sobriety. Our comprehensive approach includes cognitive-behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, and relapse prevention, ensuring a path to recovery and a healthier, substance-free life.

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Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) provides practical tools and strategies for those struggling with intense emotions and self-destructive behaviors. Our experienced therapists offer personalized DBT services to help you manage emotions, reduce harmful behaviors, and enhance relationships. With a focus on mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness, DBT can transform your mental health journey. Reach out today to start your path to well-being.

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Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) is a powerful approach designed to improve relationships by addressing underlying emotional and attachment issues. Our skilled therapists at Foundations provide a supportive environment where individuals and couples can explore their emotions, identify negative patterns, and foster secure, lasting bonds. Through EFT, you can achieve deeper connections and greater emotional well-being. Schedule your consultation today to start your journey towards a healthier relationship.

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Internal Family Systems Therapy

Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS) offers a groundbreaking way to achieve emotional healing and self-discovery. By understanding and harmonizing your inner parts, IFS helps you resolve internal conflicts, heal past traumas, and cultivate self-compassion. Experience greater emotional balance and well-being through this transformative therapeutic approach.

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Guaranteed Counselor Match

At Foundations, you're assured the right counselor match. If your initial pairing doesn't meet your needs, you can request a new counselor for free. This guarantee enhances your comfort and therapy effectiveness, ensuring a seamless and client-centered process focused on your satisfaction.

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Multisystemic Therapy (MST)

Multisystemic Therapy (MST) provides an intensive, family-centered approach to treating youth with severe behavioral issues. By targeting the critical systems in a child's life—family, school, and community—MST ensures comprehensive, sustainable change. This evidence-based program empowers families and improves outcomes by fostering positive relationships and addressing real-world challenges in the youth's natural environment.

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Reunification Therapy

Reunification therapy is designed to mend and strengthen disrupted parent-child relationships. Our experienced therapists use structured interventions to address underlying issues, enhance communication, and resolve conflicts. We help families rebuild trust and create a supportive, loving environment through individual and joint sessions. Start your journey towards a healthier family dynamic with our specialized reunification therapy services.

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Couples Intimacy Therapy

Intimacy is a vital part of a healthy relationship. Our Couples Intimacy Counseling helps you and your partner deepen your connection, improve communication, and foster a more fulfilling bond. Our experienced therapists provide personalized guidance and support in a safe, non-judgmental environment. Whether you're facing specific challenges or simply want to enhance your relationship, we're here to help you thrive together.

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We understand that the journey to emotional well-being begins with connecting you to the right counselor. That's why we proudly offer our unique Counselor Match Guarantee. We don't just pair you with any counselor; we meticulously match you with someone who aligns with your specific needs, preferences, and goals for healing and growth. If the initial pairing needs to be corrected, we encourage you to explore our diverse and experienced team until you find the perfect fit.

Your comfort and progress are paramount, so we ensure you always have a supportive and confidential environment to pursue your journey of self-discovery and healing. Choose us as your trusted partner in this transformative experience—because your well-being deserves the utmost care.

Begin your journey today and take the first step towards a brighter, more fulfilling tomorrow. Let us guide you to emotional wellness with our dedicated and compassionate counseling services.

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Unlock savings on your path to wellness with our Healing Journey Discount Packages. Choose from 5, 10, 15, or 20 prepaid sessions to gain greater insight and healing at a reduced cost.

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Start your journey with a therapist you can trust, and experience personalized therapy that’s right for you. Meet with as many counselors as you need until you find the perfect fit.

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