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Gambling Addiction Therapy

Transform Your Life with Specialized Gambling Disorder Counseling and Therapy Services

Gain mastery over gambling addiction with specialized counseling. Our tailored therapy addresses the complexities of your addiction, equipping you with practical strategies for sustainable recovery and emotional resilience.

Support, Heal, Grow

Discover a new path to healing with our premier gambling disorder counseling service, designed to offer support when needed. At [Your Clinic's Name], we understand the urgency of seeking help, so we guarantee appointment setting within 48 hours, often on the same day. Our commitment to faster access is a cornerstone of our approach to gambling disorder counseling.

Our team consists of exceptionally trained counseling professionals specializing in gambling disorder counseling. They are not only equipped with advanced therapeutic techniques but also possess a deep understanding of the complexities of gambling addiction. This expertise ensures that our gambling disorder counseling is effective, empathetic, and tailored to your unique journey.

We believe in taking outstanding care of our counselors, creating an environment where they can focus on what they do best – helping you heal and grow. This philosophy makes our gambling disorder counseling service compassionate and centered around your needs.

At Foundations, we stand for no-nonsense accountability. Our counselors are dedicated to guiding you through every step of your recovery with honesty and integrity. With our gambling disorder counseling, we're not just offering support; we're committed to being the best we can be for you. We're here to help you reclaim control, fostering healing and personal growth.

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Do You Feel...

If you recognize these symptoms in yourself or someone you know, reaching out to the experts at Foundations can be a convenient and effective way to start addressing these challenges. The team at Foundations is ready to guide you through your journey toward healing and personal growth. Taking that first step to seek help can lead to significant positive changes in your life.

Chronic Gambling with Increasing Amounts

Individuals might find themselves continuously gambling larger amounts of money to experience the same level of excitement.

Restlessness or Irritability

When attempting to reduce or stop gambling, they may experience noticeable restlessness or irritability.

Repeated Unsuccessful Attempts to Quit

Despite repeated efforts, they find themselves unable to curtail or cease gambling activities.

Preoccupation with Gambling

A significant portion of their thoughts is occupied by gambling, such as constantly planning the next gambling venture or thinking of ways to get money to gamble.

Gambling to Escape Problems

Using gambling as a means to escape or alleviate feelings of helplessness, guilt, anxiety, or depression.

Lying to Conceal Gambling Activity

They may resort to lies to hide the extent of their gambling involvement from family, friends, or therapists.

Chasing Losses

After losing money gambling, they often return another day to get even, caught in a cycle of 'chasing' their losses.

Lying to Conceal Gambling Activity

They may resort to lies to hide the extent of their gambling involvement from family, friends, or therapists.

Relying on Others for Financial Assistance

An increasing dependency on borrowing money from others to manage gambling debts or financial crises caused by gambling.

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Answers to Common Questions

What is gambling disorder counseling?

Gambling disorder counseling is a therapeutic approach specifically designed to help individuals who struggle with compulsive gambling. It involves various therapy techniques to address the underlying causes of gambling addiction and develop healthier coping mechanisms.

How do I know if I need gambling disorder counseling?

If gambling negatively impacts your financial stability, relationships, work, or mental health, or if you feel unable to control your gambling behavior, seeking gambling disorder counseling could be beneficial.

What can I expect in my first counseling session?

The first session usually involves discussing your gambling habits, mental health history, personal goals, and any challenges you're facing. It's a safe space to understand your needs and plan the course of treatment.

What are the costs associated with counseling or therapy sessions at Foundations?

At Foundations, each counseling or therapy session costs $200, or you can opt for a double session at $360. We also provide additional savings through our Healing Journey Packages, which are prepaid sessions available in bundles of 5, 10, 15, or 20, offering discounts that increase with the number of sessions purchased.

Does Foundations accept Insurance?

Foundations will provide any necessary documentation for you to submit for reimbursement with your insurance company. This approach ensures greater privacy, avoids mandatory diagnoses, offers more therapist choices, and promotes tailored session lengths, facilitating a personalized therapeutic experience without external constraints or documentation shared with insurance companies.

What if I need to reschedule my counseling session?

There is no charge for any session cancelled at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled appointment time.

Are you available in the evenings or on weekends?

Foundations offers flexible early morning, daytime, evening, and Saturday appointments. Please contact us at 970-227-2770 to arrange a session that fits your schedule.

Will my gambling disorder counseling be confidential?

Absolutely. Like all forms of therapy, gambling disorder counseling is confidential. Your counselor is bound by law and ethics to protect your privacy.

Can gambling disorder counseling help if I've already accumulated debt?

Yes, counseling can help by addressing the underlying issues of gambling addiction and providing strategies for managing finances and debt.

Do I have to stop gambling completely?

The primary goal is to regain control over your life. For most, this means abstaining from gambling, but the approach can vary based on individual circumstances and therapy goals.

Can I bring family members to my counseling sessions?

Family involvement can be beneficial, and many counseling services offer family or couples therapy as part of the treatment process.

How is gambling disorder counseling different from other types of therapy?

It's specialized to address the unique challenges and patterns associated with gambling addiction, using specific strategies and tools tailored to this disorder.

What if I relapse during my treatment?

Relapse can be a part of the recovery process. Your counselor will work with you to understand the triggers and strengthen coping strategies to prevent future relapses.

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