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Codependency Counseling

Transform Your Life with Personalized Codependency Counseling and Therapy Services

Foundations offers codependency counseling to help you recognize and change dysfunctional caregiving, control, and dependency behaviors, enabling the development of healthy, autonomous relationships.

Break Free from Codependency

At Foundations, we redefine the standards of codependency counseling by prioritizing rapid and accessible care. Our commitment to faster service ensures you can schedule your codependency counseling appointment within 48 hours, sometimes even on the same day. This swift approach allows us to address your needs promptly, ensuring that your path to healing begins without delay.

Our codependency counseling professionals are better trained and equipped with cutting-edge techniques and compassionate methodologies. We invest heavily in their continual development because we believe in nurturing our counselors so that they, in turn, can provide unparalleled care to you. This philosophy enhances the quality of our codependency counseling, ensuring you receive the most effective and empathetic support.

In our approach to codependency counseling, we embrace a 'no-nonsense' attitude. We understand that time is valuable, and our counselors focus on helping you heal and grow without any unnecessary jargon or detours. Accountability is at the core of our service. We are here to support and challenge you when needed, fostering personal growth and lasting change.

At Foundations, we strive to be the best in every aspect of our service. We're not just offering codependency counseling; we're committed to being a pivotal part of your journey to a healthier, more independent life.

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Do You Feel...

If you recognize these symptoms in yourself or someone you know, reaching out to the experts at Foundations can be a convenient and effective way to start addressing these challenges. The team at Foundations is ready to guide you through your journey toward healing and personal growth. Taking that first step to seek help can lead to significant positive changes in your life.

Difficulty Making Decisions in a Relationship

If you find it hard to make decisions without seeking reassurance or approval from your partner, it may signal a lack of self-trust and over-dependence on others.

Low Self-Esteem

Feeling unworthy or constantly comparing yourself unfavorably to others can be a sign of codependency. This often leads to seeking validation externally rather than internally.

People-Pleasing Tendencies

Prioritizing others' needs to the extent of neglecting your own, often out of fear of rejection or to maintain harmony, is a common trait in codependent individuals.

Poor Boundaries

Difficulty saying no, over-involvement in others' problems, or letting others dictate your behavior are indications of porous boundaries, a key symptom of codependency.

Obsessive Need for Approval and Recognition

An excessive need for validation and fear of being abandoned or alone can be symptomatic of codependency.

Difficulty Identifying Your Own Feelings

Codependents often struggle to recognize and articulate their feelings, as they're used to focusing on others’ emotions and needs.

Chronic Anger or Resentment

Feeling resentful towards those you care for because your constant self-sacrifice goes unnoticed or unappreciated can be a sign of codependent relationships.

Communication Difficulties

Avoiding direct communication, struggling to express thoughts and feelings, or resorting to manipulation to get your needs met are common in codependency.

Dependency on Relationships for Self-Worth

An unhealthy reliance on relationships to define your self-worth or fearing to be alone can indicate codependency.

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Answers to Common Questions

What is codependency?

Codependency is a behavioral condition in which an individual excessively depends on others for approval and a sense of identity. It often involves putting another's needs before your own to the detriment of your well-being.

How do I know if I need codependency counseling?

If you struggle with low self-esteem, people-pleasing, poor boundaries, or find your self-worth overly tied to your relationships, codependency counseling could be beneficial.

What can I expect from codependency counseling?

Counseling will focus on understanding your patterns, learning to set healthy boundaries, improving self-esteem, and developing healthier relationship dynamics.

What are the costs associated with counseling or therapy sessions at Foundations?

At Foundations, each counseling or therapy session costs $200, or you can opt for a double session at $360. We also provide additional savings through our Healing Journey Packages, which are prepaid sessions available in bundles of 5, 10, 15, or 20, offering discounts that increase with the number of sessions purchased.

Does Foundations accept Insurance?

Foundations will provide any necessary documentation for you to submit for reimbursement with your insurance company. This approach ensures greater privacy, avoids mandatory diagnoses, offers more therapist choices, and promotes tailored session lengths, facilitating a personalized therapeutic experience without external constraints or documentation shared with insurance companies.

What if I need to reschedule my counseling session?

There is no charge for any session cancelled at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled appointment time.

Are you available in the evenings or on weekends?

Foundations offers flexible early morning, daytime, evening, and Saturday appointments. Please contact us at 970-227-2770 to arrange a session that fits your schedule.

Can codependency be cured?

While codependency is a behavioral pattern rather than a disease, it can be effectively managed and transformed through counseling and self-work, leading to healthier relationships.

Will codependency counseling affect my relationships?

Counseling aims to improve your relationships by helping you establish healthier dynamics and communication patterns.

Is codependency counseling confidential?

Yes, all sessions are confidential, following legal and ethical guidelines to protect your privacy.

Do I need to bring anything to my first counseling session?

Just bring yourself and a willingness to explore your thoughts and feelings. Some counselors might ask for a completed intake form in advance.

Can I do codependency counseling online?

Yes, many counselors offer online sessions, providing flexibility and accessibility.

What’s the difference between codependency and a supportive relationship?

A supportive relationship involves mutual respect and support without sacrificing one's own needs or identity, whereas codependency often involves neglecting oneself for the sake of the other.

How can I support a loved one who's going through codependency counseling?

Encourage their journey, respect their boundaries, and consider seeking guidance on how to support them effectively, possibly through family or couples therapy sessions.

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