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LGBTQ+ Counseling

Empower Your Journey, Embrace Your Identity

Foundations' LGBTQ+ counseling offers a safe, affirming space for exploration and healing, empowering individuals with tailored support for identity, relationships, and mental well-being.

Support, Understand, Grow

We elevate LGBTQ+ counseling by combining rapid access with exceptional care, recognizing the critical need for timely mental health support. Our service ensures same-day to 48-hour appointment scheduling, enabling quick access to your needed help.

Our team comprises highly trained professionals specializing in LGBTQ+ issues, proficient in general counseling techniques, and deeply understanding the unique challenges and experiences of the LGBTQ+ community. This specialized expertise allows us to offer understanding, empathy, and tailored strategies that resonate with your needs.

We take great pride in nurturing our counselors and fostering a supportive environment that focuses solely on your well-being. Our approach is straightforward, honest, and dedicated to natural healing and personal growth, avoiding jargon and complexity for a clear, practical path to mental wellness.

Accountability and continuous improvement are pillars of our practice. We continually refine our methods to provide the most effective, empathetic, and inclusive counseling possible. We don't just understand the LGBTQ+ journey; we are an integral part of your support system, offering a safe space for exploration, understanding, and growth. Choose our transformative counseling experience that prioritizes your unique path to well-being.

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Do You Feel...

If you recognize these symptoms in yourself or someone you know, reaching out to the experts at Foundations can be a convenient and effective way to start addressing these challenges. The team at Foundations is ready to guide you through your journey toward healing and personal growth. Taking that first step to seek help can lead to significant positive changes in your life.

Low Self-Esteem

Individuals facing self-doubt and low self-confidence can benefit from art therapy by creating artworks that help them see their value and capabilities, thus boosting their self-esteem.

Feeling Isolated or Misunderstood

Experiencing a sense of loneliness or feeling like others cannot comprehend your experiences, particularly those related to your LGBTQ+ identity.

Anxiety in Social Situations

Feeling unusually anxious or stressed in social settings, especially in contexts involving gender and sexual identity.

Depressive Symptoms

Experiencing prolonged sadness, loss of interest in activities, or a persistent sense of hopelessness, which can be linked to struggles with identity or acceptance.

Difficulty with Relationships

Facing challenges in forming or maintaining romantic or platonic relationships, possibly due to issues related to LGBTQ+ identity.

Struggles with Identity or Self-Acceptance

Experiencing confusion or distress regarding one's sexual orientation, gender identity, or how these aspects of self fit into larger societal expectations.

Family or Relationship Conflicts

Experiencing conflicts with family or friends due to your LGBTQ+ identity, leading to emotional distress or a sense of disconnection.

Questions About Transitioning

For transgender individuals, having questions or experiencing distress about the process of transitioning, including concerns about societal acceptance, medical procedures, and personal identity.

Substance Abuse or Risky Behaviors

Engaging in substance abuse or risky behaviors, which can be coping mechanisms for dealing with stress related to LGBTQ+ identity issues.

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Answers to Common Questions

What is LGBTQ+ counseling?

LGBTQ+ counseling is a type of therapy that focuses on issues specifically related to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer/questioning community. It provides a safe space to explore and understand one's identity, relationships, and experiences.

How can LGBTQ+ counseling help me?

It can help with a range of issues including identity exploration, self-acceptance, dealing with discrimination or homophobia, relationship challenges, and mental health concerns like anxiety or depression, among others.

Is my sexual orientation or gender identity just a phase?

Sexual orientation and gender identity are core aspects of a person's identity. While exploration and questioning are normal, they are not simply 'phases'. Counseling can help you understand and embrace your true self.

What are the costs associated with counseling or therapy sessions at Foundations?

At Foundations, each counseling or therapy session costs $200, or you can opt for a double session at $360. We also provide additional savings through our Healing Journey Packages, which are prepaid sessions available in bundles of 5, 10, 15, or 20, offering discounts that increase with the number of sessions purchased.

Does Foundations accept Insurance?

Foundations will provide any necessary documentation for you to submit for reimbursement with your insurance company. This approach ensures greater privacy, avoids mandatory diagnoses, offers more therapist choices, and promotes tailored session lengths, facilitating a personalized therapeutic experience without external constraints or documentation shared with insurance companies.

What if I need to reschedule my counseling session?

There is no charge for any session cancelled at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled appointment time.

Are you available in the evenings or on weekends?

Foundations offers flexible early morning, daytime, evening, and Saturday appointments. Please contact us at 970-227-2770 to arrange a session that fits your schedule.

Will my counselor try to change my sexual orientation or gender identity?

No. Ethical counselors respect and support your identity. The goal of counseling is not to change who you are, but to help you understand and accept yourself.

How do I know if I need LGBTQ+ counseling?

If you're facing challenges related to your LGBTQ+ identity, experiencing mental health issues, or just need someone to talk to who understands, counseling could be beneficial.

Can LGBTQ+ counseling help with transitioning?

Yes, it can provide support and guidance throughout the process of transitioning, including discussing options, coping with challenges, and facilitating a healthier transition.

Is LGBTQ+ counseling confidential?

Absolutely. Like all counseling services, the discussions between you and your counselor are confidential, barring certain legal exceptions like imminent risk of harm.

Can I talk about issues not related to my LGBTQ+ identity?

Yes, you can talk about any issue in counseling, not just those directly related to LGBTQ+ issues. Counselors are equipped to help with a wide range of topics.

Do I need to identify as LGBTQ+ to receive this counseling?

No, you don't have to label your identity. Counseling is about supporting you, regardless of how you identify.

Can LGBTQ+ counseling help with family and relationship issues?

Yes, it can help address family dynamics, relationship challenges, and offer strategies for communication and understanding within relationships.

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Your comfort and progress are paramount, so we ensure you always have a supportive and confidential environment to pursue your journey of self-discovery and healing. Choose us as your trusted partner in this transformative experience—because your well-being deserves the utmost care.

Begin your journey today and take the first step towards a brighter, more fulfilling tomorrow. Let us guide you to emotional wellness with our dedicated and compassionate counseling services.

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