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When it comes to counseling and therapy, would you feel more comfortable speaking to a counselor who shares your Christian beliefs? Foundations Counseling in Fort Collins, Loveland, and Windsor offers Christian therapy and counseling, and our trained therapists use Christian principles combined with modern behavioral sciences to help you find inner peace and develop a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.

The key difference between Christian counseling and other types of psychotherapy is the belief that life’s emotional difficulties, crisis, and transitions are best handled when these two systems intersect. Secular counselors don’t bring their values into the therapy room, but Christian counselors rely on these important values to help you weather life’s transitions and difficulties. Each of our therapists is trained to help you with anxiety, depression, spiritual development, life coaching, anger management, marital issues, and more.

What You Can Expect with Christian Counseling

Foundations Counseling offers Christian therapy in Fort Collins, Loveland, and Windsor. Our kind, caring counselors can help you learn how to apply Biblical teachings and modern science to your physical, emotional, and mental health, because life’s toughest challenges can benefit from both approaches. Many of our therapists happen to have attended Christian universities, and they are well-equipped both spiritually and clinically to help you explore how your faith and mental well-being intersect. However, it is important to note that we do not offer pastoral counseling. Pastoral counseling isn’t clinical in nature, and tends to rely strictly on Biblical counseling.

Prayer, community worship and participation, and Scripture reading can all be used in Christian therapy. These traditional and deeply spiritual resources are wonderful tools to use in your journey because they can help you align your heart with God. Our counselors will also help you reflect on your history with Christianity and how it affects the way you see your place in the world. There isn’t a one-size- fits all approach to Christian counseling, and the practice can take on many forms. Individual therapy, couples counseling, and family counseling can all be tailored to fit you and your unique needs. You’ll never be judged for your actions and beliefs, and you don’t even have to be Christian — the Judeo-Christian values inherent in Christian therapy can prove helpful for people from a variety of different belief systems.

When to Ask for Help

Therapy isn’t necessary for all people in all situations. But, if you’ve been using various strategies to try to cope and they are not working, Christian therapy can be incredibly helpful. Many clients seek out a Christian counselor because they feel their thoughts and actions are not consistent with a Godly life. Your therapist can help you align your heart with God as you work together to discover the deeper reasoning and motivation behind your thoughts and emotions.

Set up a Free Consultation

If you or someone you know would benefit from Christian counseling and therapy, please contact Foundations Counseling in Fort Collins, Loveland, and Windsor to arrange a free consultation.


Windsor - Foundations Counseling LLCWindsor, CO 80550
Amazing staff, the entire process was so easy leaving me time to focus on the work I needed for myself. Totally positive experience from start to end!!
November 14th, 2019 a 11:41 AM
Fort Collins - Foundations Counseling LLCFort Collins, CO 80525
I was in need of counseling and the environment/effectiveness has been an amazing experience all around. I've felt welcomed and not pressured. I'm very happy with the service.
November 7th, 2019 a 01:49 PM
Windsor - Foundations Counseling LLCWindsor, CO 80550
Rebecca & Taylor Smith
Keaton has been amazing. We connected with him immediately and are making real progress. Also, billing, customer service and communication methods have been great!
February 28th, 2019 a 11:23 AM
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