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12 phrases your partner needs to hear

Go Beyond “I Love You” and Show How Much You Really Care

Everyone knows to tell their partner “I love you,” but what else do they want to hear? Create an atmosphere of fondness and admiration in your relationship with these 12 phrases that go beyond “I love you.”.

“I'm thinking of you”

Even when you're not together, it's important to let your partner know they're on your mind. In a post at, Steve Kux suggests inside jokes are a great way to connect even when you're both mired in the mundane of your daily routine. A text or an email is a great way to make a quick connection.

“How was your day?”

It seems like a no-brainer, but the key is to really listen when they answer. Paying attention to your partner's response will help you understand the challenges and irritations they face in the workday grind. And it can help you find ways to lift them up after the work day is over. For example, being an attentive listener can help you understand why your partner is always in a bad mood on a certain day and you can counter that mood by being ready with their favorite dinner when they get home.

“How can I help?”
This also can be said as “What can I do for you?” Malini Bhatia, founder, and CEO of , says this is a great way to show your partner that you prioritize their needs and want to help lessen their load. “Sacrificing your time for something your spouse needs will strengthen your bond,” Bhatia states.

“I'm Here for You”
An extension of “How can I help,” just letting your partner know they can lean on you no matter what is going on is a great source of comfort and assures them you are team.

“We'll Get Through It”
Just as “I'm here for you” can help boost your partner's mood and resolve, letting them know they don't have to face whatever challenge they're confronting on their own, will do much to cement your status as team members.

“I support you”
Those three words can leave your partner feeling strong and ready to tackle any obstacles their day presents. As Kux writes , “ Life is full of obstacles and feeling like you have another person in your corner can go a long way to helping you overcome them.”

“You're amazing”
Longtime partners sometimes forget just how terrific their other half is. Saying this out loud not only lets them know you still appreciate all of their amazing traits, but also reminds you of all the things you love about them. If he looks great in that suit, tell him so. If her intelligence still lights your fire, don't keep that to yourself.

“I understand”
Bhatia states saying “I understand,” really says, “I get you.” Knowing someone really understands how a situation or circumstance makes you feel -- without having to explain it in depth -- can be a source of solace in a rough day. And such a connection can help ensure you and your partner will have a long-lasting, loving relationship.

“I forgive you”

Talking through and moving past disagreements is the key to a healthy relationship. Holding grudges will only tear down your bond. Make sure you communicate honestly and openly. That doesn't mean you have to always agree, but you will make sure you always work to respect and value the other's opinion and always forgive, because your relationship is important to you.

“I respect your opinion”

Just as attentively listening when your partner shares their daily struggles can strengthen your bond, asking their advice on how to tackle yours can be a great source of strength for both of you. Kux advises “Let them know that you hold them in high regard by asking for their opinion on things that are giving you trouble. Let your partner know that you admire something they did that took a lot of courage. When a person feels respected they also feel happy and safe, which are two cornerstones to any good relationship.”


When your partner asks you to do something new, whether its a new restaurant for dinner or an adventurous vacation spot, say yes. Saying yes, Bhatia advises, means “I support you and want to share what you like. Your support shows you love them enough to set aside what you want to do to put your spouse first.”

“Thank You”
Saying thank you is a great way to remain grateful for both the big and little things your partner does for you. A quick thanks can go a long way to ensuring they feel appreciated and valued and can make them feel good about themselves and your relationship.

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