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5 Benefits of Starting Therapy

How Can Therapy Help Me?

Therapy is a powerful act of self-care that can have an incredible impact on your well-being. Here are five benefits of therapy you might not have thought of.

You discover the reasons behind certain actions. It's natural for people to develop coping mechanisms as they navigate through life. Therapy can help us honestly assess why we do this and whether or not it's healthy. One example of this is people-pleasing, through which we seek to gain the favor of others by accommodating their every need. When we base our value on what others think, we tend to sacrifice our own needs and lose our sense of self. Through therapy, we can learn why we do certain things and develop healthier patterns of behavior that lead to good relationships which meet our needs.

You can improve yourself. When we explore our personal vulnerabilities, we move toward embracing our true selves. This can lead to self-acceptance and self-compassion, which are critical to enhancing our well-being. At the same time, when we accept our struggles and imperfections, it allows us to have more empathy for other people who are struggling through their own issues. Through therapy, we develop healthy self-awareness, which can stretch out and touch all the people in our lives.

You gain clarity. Humans are habitual creatures who tend to resist change. Whether it's because of fear, self-doubt or a sense of responsibility, far too many of us stay in unfulfilling relationships, stifling jobs and negative thought patterns. Therapy can give us the insight and courage we need to make meaningful changes in our lives. By getting an outside point of view from a detached professional, we gain a fresh perspective on our choices, lifestyle and habits of thought. These realizations give us the courage and insight we need to align our choices with our true values.

You find out what's really bothering you. It's quite common for therapy to unveil surprising things people had never previously considered. They may discover old memories hidden deep within their psyches. They may uncover deep underlying causes of troublesome behavior. They may also find that childhood issues are playing a prominent role in their current relationships. Whatever the case, when people are able to identify unexplored causes for problematic issues, they can take concrete steps toward resolving these issues and improving their lives.

You add to your support system. Countless studies have shown that strong social support systems can help improve our mental well-being and physical health. While we can get day-to-day support from friends and family, this isn't always enough. What's more, it's not always easy to talk to our loved ones about certain issues without causing resentment. We may also alienate our friends when we burden them with the same issues over and over again. A professional therapist can be a powerful part of our support network because they are impartial and available when we need them most. We tend to feel more comfortable telling a therapist about private issues and can rely on them to provide thoughtful, expert guidance we can't always get from friends and family.

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