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8 Ideas For Getting Back to School Ready This Summer

Organize the House and Family Schedule Before School Starts

Day-to-day life can get a bit more hectic once school starts again, but a dose of summer organization goes a long way toward keeping everyone on track!

From organizing important school paperwork to practicing the morning routine, here are 8 tips and tricks for getting back to school ready this summer. Once that first school bell rings, you'll be more than prepared for whatever the year brings.

1. Make a chore chart

If you don't have one already, this is an easy way to systemize household chores and hold kids accountable. You could even add mom and dad's names to the chart (surely, seeing all the chores that parents do will spur kids into action, right?)

2. Gather important paperwork

Immunization records, updates to contact information, permission slips… there's a lot of paperwork involved during the back to school season, and organizing it will make your life much easier.

This step is especially important for parents of special needs children who have a slew of paperwork that accompanies the child's Individual Education Plan (IEP).

3. Make sure you actually have all of the important paperwork

Before registration day strikes, double-check with your child's school to make sure all of the necessary paperwork has been completed. Schools have varying requirements, and you don't want to be left scrambling for a birth certificate at the last minute if you find out the school needs to see a copy.

(If your paperwork is already organized in a home filing system, this step will be much easier.)

4. Assess clothing and supply needs before shopping

Before you hit the stores for school supplies and new outfits, do an inventory of what your child already has. Donate outgrown clothing and streamline the organization of closets and dresser drawers to make room for new outfits.

5. Then, make a list

Once you know what's in everyone's closets, make a list to fill in the gaps. Having a list also makes it easier to say no to items that aren't on the list.

6. Start school shopping early

Most back to school sales begin sometime in July, and by the time August rolls around many stores are getting out their Halloween decorations and other autumn decor. Take advantage of the abundance of school supplies by getting an early start.

7. Establish parental expectations and boundaries

As a parent, there's no shortage of chores to finish or “life admin” tasks to complete. Balancing back to school responsibilities in a two-parent household prevents burnout, and setting those expectations ahead of time keeps both parents responsible .

8. Do a practice run before the first day of school

Getting back into the swing of things is tough after a carefree summer, so practice those morning routines before the first day of school. Getting out of bed on time, getting dressed, eating breakfast, and grabbing everything needed for school isn't always as easy as it sounds.

And, if the kids want to go back to bed after their morning routine is finished, there's no harm in letting them enjoy that last bit of summer freedom.

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