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Tips to Help You Move Forward Through Life Transitions

Tips to Help You Let Go and Move Forward Through Life Transitions

Big life changes can be exhilarating, but they can also be extremely challenging no matter what stage of life you're in. If you're struggling through a transition, here are some tips to help you let go of the past and move forward in this new stage of life.

Don't Process Alone

It's common to feel confused and ungrounded during a life transition or even want to resist the change all together. You may be dealing with a recent divorce, the loss of a loved one, or a diagnosis of a chronic illness—regardless, processing alone can make everything that much harder.

Allow yourself to talk about your feelings without fear of judgement. Connect with close friends and family who you can trust to love and support you through whatever you're going through. Also, be kind to yourself and know when it's time to seek professional help.

Here are some ways you can turn crisis into opportunity and personal growth .

Focus On The Present

One of the best ways to leave the past in the past is to reflect on who you are now. Depending on the type of transition you're facing, you may need to reevaluate the priorities and people in your life. Grounding yourself in the present can prevent you from dwelling on past mistakes and regrets.

Make a list of current goals, desires, and opportunities you have for your future and brainstorm ways you can make them a reality.

Forgive Yourself

Life changes can make us feel guilty about our past mistakes or regrets. You may blame yourself for certain outcomes or want to punish yourself for feeling a certain way, which can lead us to feel helpless.

Make a list of everything that seems to be getting in your way of moving forward. Then, take a step back—which of these items are in your control? Make an action plan for these. Which of these items are out of your control? Try to accept the fact you can't change them and forgive yourself fully.

Make Future Plans and Stick to Them

Sign up for an acting class or start planning that trip that you've been talking about for years. Even making coffee plans with a friend can help you feel more energized and excited despite dealing with a major transition.

Also, try to make self-care a part of your everyday routine. Find little things to look forward to each day that bring you joy, no matter how small they might seem.

Surround Yourself With a Loving Support System

Surrounding yourself with people who love and support you is crucial for healing and letting go of the past, especially when dealing with major life events. Stay connected with people who energize you and support the best version of yourself and let go of anyone toxic in your life—whether a romantic partner or an unhealthy friendship—and remind yourself that you deserve better.

Challenge Fears and Negative Thoughts

Feeling afraid of the future and being overwhelmed with negative thoughts about yourself can be discouraging. Constant negative self-talk can actually distort your perception of yourself and reinforce deep any rooted pain that you are holding on to.

When these thoughts come up, stop what you're doing and figure out where they are coming from. What were you doing that made you think this about yourself? Why did your mind go directly here instead of a more positive alternative? In a way, it's like retraining your brain to think and act in a more positive and productive way.

Focus On Past Successes

When you feel fear or doubt about what your future entails, think back to any past major life changes and pinpoint the positive outcomes that came from that transition. Remind yourself of the fear you felt while facing that transition and the strength you had to conquer it and move forward.

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