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Looking For Love: Dating in the Age of Technology

Dating Using Social Media, Dating Apps, and Technology

Our modern world includes plenty of technology, and that technology increasingly influences how we date.

Technology like social media, Snapchat, texting, and dating apps have changed how we connect in our romantic relationships. If you struggle with dating in the age of technology, here are some suggestions for finding (and maintaining) romantic relationships in this evolving digital landscape.

Should you use online dating tools?

Online dating applications and tools like OKCupid, Tinder,, and others have seemingly become the de facto way to date. But, should you be using them to find your next relationship?

Of course, the choice is entirely your own. Some people think that online dating is an excellent and effective way to meet people they wouldn't have met otherwise. Others find these tools to be a waste of their time for various reasons.

You shouldn't feel pressured to use online dating tools. If you prefer meeting people while you're out and about living your daily life, don't stop now.

Safety in online dating

If you decide to give online dating a go, just remember to play it safe (much like you would when meeting a new person anywhere else):

  • Trust your instincts.

  • Ask questions to get to know the person.

  • Meet in a public place, especially for the first date.

  • Let someone know about your plans and who you're meeting.

Don't over analyze social media and texts

Have you ever started talking to a potential romantic interest via text messaging or social media? There's nothing alarming there — these tools help us communicate, and communication is a hallmark of successful relationships.

However, the problems begin when we start to over analyze the sub-text behind a simple text message, or when we get upset over a message that was seen but not responded to.

Try to recognize when you start thinking in this manner. You can't know exactly what the other person is thinking, especially when the communication is devoid of tone and context. In fact, you may have found someone who prefers interacting with the world around them in favor of their cell phone. When you are together you'll appreciate that habit.

Tips for after you've connected with someone

Technology touches every part of our lives, even after you've found someone you'd like to date long-term. Social media or a dating app may have brought you together, and text messages help you stay connected, but you also have to remember to step away from the tech.

Prioritize spending time together away from technology. Put your phones away at dinner, let your emails stay unread when you're watching a movie, and try to be fully present. For more tips on how to use social media in your dating life, read through this helpful list .

Dating can be stressful, if you need help navigating romantic relationships our therapists are here to help! Contact us today.