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The Healing Power of Play Therapy

The Healing Power And Language Of Play Therapy.

“In play therapy, toys are like the child's words and play is the child's language.” - Landreth, 2002

Play therapy is a tool used to help children express their thoughts and feelings. When children are hurting or experiencing change – during a divorce, custody issues, separation issues, or the death of a parent, family member, or pet – they often express much of what they need to work through via their imagination and their play.

Play therapy provides a safe and healthy place where children can work through confusion, anxiety, anger, grief, and other complex emotions.

Play therapy is a research-based therapy used by our therapists to help children emerge resilient and resourceful, with better coping skills and a healthier worldview. Children are given strategies to be able to cope with difficulties they cannot control in life.

A trained play therapist understands the metaphorical content of a child's play, and strives to help the child express his needs and discover solutions in a safe and therapeutic environment.

Play is the child's natural method of learning, developing, and expressing thoughts and feelings. Play therapy gives children the opportunity to use the power of their own natural creativity and imagination to learn, heal, and grow.

Parents are important allies in the play therapy process because they support and enhance the work and progress made in counseling sessions.

Concerned about your child after a divorce? Our trained play therapists can help, call us today .