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What is Art Therapy?
Foundations Counseling understands that, at times, words can be limiting, but a picture can speak a thousand words. The language of art allows us to express ourselves in ways that words cannot. Our counselors utilize art therapy as an integrative approach to harness this language and provide the best possible therapeutic experience for you or your child.

Art therapy is a modality that uses nonverbal expression in addition to traditional talk therapy for personal growth, authentic self-expression, insight, transformation, and wellness. Creative expression can be a stress-reducing approach to transcend troubled thoughts and circumstances, or it can be a release of powerful emotions.

Art therapy is an action-oriented, dynamic modality that is capable of moving beyond barriers. We are all creative beings; we problem-solve by coming up with creative solutions. Art therapy exercises assist in tapping into your natural creativity and serves as a reminder that you are the author of your story with the potential to change the story and the ending. Creative expression finds the resources within you to solve problems, heal, and recover. The process of creating art, over time, develops into a process of becoming and creating who you want to be.

The counselors at Foundations Counseling believe that all individuals have the ability to express themselves creatively and the finished art product is less important than the therapeutic process involved in the act of creation. Therefore, you do not need to be an "artist" or "artistic" to benefit from the creative process.

What You Can Expect with Art Therapy Activities

A trained art therapist will work with you to take a new, gentler approach to the creative process. The art therapist will offer a variety of mediums and will help you complete a form of creative expression. The directives for a therapy program vary from highly structured exercises to spontaneous expression, depending on the goals you have established for your counseling. The art will be used in conjunction with traditional counseling to verbally explore creative expression in order to understand deeper meaning and discover transformative information that can be applied to your life.

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Fort Collins - Foundations Counseling LLCFort Collins, CO 80525
I was in need of counseling and the environment/effectiveness has been an amazing experience all around. I've felt welcomed and not pressured. I'm very happy with the service.
November 7th, 2019 a 01:49 PM
Windsor - Foundations Counseling LLCWindsor, CO 80550
Rebecca & Taylor Smith
Keaton has been amazing. We connected with him immediately and are making real progress. Also, billing, customer service and communication methods have been great!
February 28th, 2019 a 11:23 AM
Fort Collins - Foundations Counseling LLCFort Collins, CO 80525
George W
Great staff
February 4th, 2019 a 05:37 PM
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