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4 Behaviors and Symptoms of Your Depression

Behavioral and Physical Symptoms of Depression

Did you know that depression affects your entire body , and not just your mind?

Many people who suffer from depression don't know what they're doing because of their mental illness, and friends and family members might be equally confused by certain behaviors. But, understanding exactly how depression impacts your body will benefit you in many ways. Once you understand the “Why?” behind things, you can treat yourself with more kindness and compassion.

No two experiences with depression are the same, but here are four behaviors and symptoms that could be caused by your depression.

1. Your whole reality shifts

Reality might sound like a concrete idea, but everyone experiences life differently. Can you relate to this statement ?

“Nothing seems comforting, pleasurable, or worth living for. There's no apparent hope for things ever feeling better, and history is rewritten and experienced as confirmation that everything has always been miserable, and always will be.“

When you feel like this it's hard to remember what life felt like before or what it could feel like after, because your interpretation of reality is influenced by your depression. If at all possible, try to remember that you'll feel differently once the storm cloud passes, consider talking to a professional, and hold off on making major decisions.

2. You might want to hide out for a bit

A desire to avoid interacting with people is another common trademark of depression. If you're naturally introverted it might even be difficult to recognize the desire as a behavior caused by your depression. This could also lead to other avoidance behaviors like sleeping all day.

Lethargy and a lack of motivation are also common. If you find yourself stuck in these patterns, how can you get the energy to socialize and go about your daily life? The answer will be different for everyone, but it's worth trying to find methods, tools, and techniques that work for you.

3. Depression can make you feel angry

Depression isn't just a “case of the sads”. The feelings that you'll experience vary wildly, and they aren't always of the sad variety.

Anger and irritability are actually common behavioral symptoms of depression. You might feel annoyed at the drop of a hat, and your anger could seem uncontrollable. If you've ever felt this way and wondered what's wrong with you, know that these feelings are another part of the complex way the mind handles depression.

4. Depression also impacts your physical health

In one study, 69% of people who were considered depressed sought a doctor's advice regarding aches and pains. Some of the physical symptoms your depression can cause include:

  • Migraines

  • Joint pain

  • Chest pain

  • Back pain

  • Digestion problems

Simply put, depression doesn't start and stop in the mind. That's why it's so important to pay attention to how you feel mentally and physically, and to seek out help from friends, loved ones, and even a professional counselor .