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5 Ways to Overcome the Fear of Change

5 Tips for Embracing Change

Fear of change can keep us stuck in unhealthy relationships and unfulfilling jobs. Here are some tips for overcoming this type of fear and embracing changes in your life.

Reject complacency. Fear of change is often rooted in comfort and complacency. Many people prefer to stay right where they are, even when it clearly isn't working for them. We embrace the status quo because it is a known quantity. We reject change because it seems foreign and uncomfortable. If complacency is preventing you from moving forward, try to adopt an attitude of curiosity. While change can be challenging, it can also bring fresh experiences that can enhance your life. Try to approach change with curiosity to reframe the experience in a positive way.

Surrender control. Many people go to great extremes to control as much as they can. If you live long enough, however, you will find that very little in life is within your control. Change happens without asking for our opinions or permission. It's perfectly normal to fear the unexpected, however, surprises tend to become our most prominent memories. Instead of trying to plot out every part of your life, try to plan things a minute at a time. Stay mindful and focus on the present without paying too much attention to a future you can't possibly predict.

Accept your vulnerability. No matter what you try, you will never be able to protect yourself from change. As we move through life, we evolve as people. New challenges and disappointments will occur. People will move in and out of our lives. When this happens, you may feel sad, frustrated or confused. It's important to remember that this is all a natural part of life. Accept that you are vulnerable and feel your feelings, even if they are uncomfortable. When we stop fighting and accept our vulnerabilities, we can shoulder change more effectively.

Trust your ability to adapt. Have you ever moved into a new apartment or house? It probably took a few weeks or months before it felt like a home. Eventually, however, your mind adapted and embraced the new residence. In a similar way, we come to accept change in other areas of our lives. When change makes you feel afraid or uncomfortable, remember that we have evolved to adapt. It may take time, but if you are patient with yourself and the situation, you will find your comfort zone and accept your new normal.

Replace critics with cheerleaders. It's quite common for people who fear change to project their feelings onto others. Sometimes it's unintentional; other times, it's because they are afraid of being left behind. If you are surrounded by naysayers who instill doubt and fear, you will have a hard time embracing change. Instead of listening to people who hold you back, spend more time with people who lift you up. If you don't have a lot of supportive people in your life, consider meeting with a therapist who can help you gain confidence by identifying your strengths.

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