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8 Tips to Bring Romance Back to Your Relationship

Small Gestures and Big Efforts Can Keep Your Love Thriving

Looking to bring the romantic spark back to your relationship? Here are our eight tips to maintain the romance in your relationship.

Communicate every day

We know work is busy, but taking a few minutes every now and then to send a text to say hello or to make a brief “how is your day call” lets your partner know you're thinking of them. Steer clear of the troubles with the kids or the water heater repair and keep the check-ins warm and loving.

Leave the past behind

Your childhood is what formed your view of the world, but it's important to remember your relationship is not your parents'. Make sure you're seeing your partner and your relationship for what it is rather than the dynamic you saw when you were growing up.

Practice forgiveness

Nothing can doom a relationship or squelch romance faster than holding a grudge. Make it a practice to forgive your partner. That doesn't mean ignore any issues that arise, but rather talk them out and move on. Devote time to having conversations about the issue at hand, the feelings it evokes and how you can move forward and then look ahead, not behind.

Celebrate each other's wins

Knowing your partner is always in your corner and their knowing they can always count on you goes a long way to keeping romance alive. Cheer each other on, celebrate small things and don't be critical of mistakes.

Make time

Busy lives often push relationships to the bottom of your priorities list. But if you want your relationship to thrive, you have to push it back to the top and keep it there. Make sure you consistently block out time to spend with your partner. The effort will go a long way to keeping you connected.

Making time also means from time to time your relationship needs to come before your kids. Parenting is demanding and takes a lot of time, we know, but so does building and maintaining a good relationship. Don't let all of your interactions focus on your children.

Date nights are a perfect way to demonstrate that your partner is still the one with which you'd choose to spend your life. Regularly schedule outings for movies or dinner or concerts or just a sunset stroll. Leave all your worries about work, kids and bills at home and just enjoy each other's company.

Find intimacy outside of the bedroom

Sex does not equal intimacy. And while a healthy sex life is vital to the success of any relationship, it is not the only way to be intimate. Small gestures such as a gentle touch, a deep conversation or kind gestures that show your partner is still your soulmate are a great way to build your bond.

Similarly, feeling heard and valued can go a long way to building that intimate connection. Listen to one another and work together on any issues you feel are coming between you. Committing to honest talk in a mutually respectful and non-threatening way will help you both feel loved. Make sure your relationship is a safe haven in which you both can express yourselves openly and honestly without fear of judgement or reprisals.

Compliments matter

It is easy to take your partner for granted and forget to say nice things. Make a conscious effort to compliment each other. Everyone loves to hear they look beautiful or handsome.

And while you're complimenting, make sure to say thank you. Appreciation for both the little things and the big things is important. Whether it's bringing in the groceries from the car or cooking dinner or telling the kids a bedtime story, if you appreciate the things your partner does, make sure to tell them so.

Laugh often

Odds are humor is one of the things that attracted you to your partner in the first place and vice versa. The trouble is, the stress of life can sometimes rob you of the laughter you share. Steal it back. Watch a comedy or tell a joke and share a guffaw. Connecting through laughter can be a constant reminder of how much you enjoy each other's company.

If you and your partner still have trouble connecting after trying these tips, find a couples counselor here .