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8 Winter Self-Care Activities to Keep Your Spirits Up

Cold Weather Self-Care Ideas

It's not uncommon for people to feel tired and worn down during the winter — especially those who suffer from seasonal affective disorder .

If you struggle to thrive during the coldest months of the year, these winter self-care ideas, tips and activities are bound to boost your spirits.

1. Make a mood-boosting playlist

Sometimes, we all need some good music to boost our mood.

The next time you need an extra dose of happiness while sitting inside on a cold winter night, listen to a playlist of your favorite energy-enhancing songs.

2. Learn a new winter-friendly hobby

Hobbies are an amazing form of self-care, but you may need to rethink your favorite activities during winter. For starters, since the days are shorter and colder, you may want to research things you can do indoors.

If you aren't sure what types of activities you'll enjoy, this quick guide on how to find a hobby you love will be helpful .

3. Rearrange a room

Feng shui is a centuries-old Chinese practice. Think of it as the art of placement ,” because it requires an understanding of how,  “the placement of yourself and objects within a space [affect] your life in various areas of experience.”

You don't need to be a feng shui expert to benefit from a newly rearranged space. Just pick a room or spot in your home and rethink the way objects are placed. For many people, this can be an instant mood booster.

4. Wake up (and go to bed) earlier

The shorter days of winter can make you feel tired, down and even depressed. To get the most out of each day ( and experience more sunlight ) try waking up earlier.

Getting enough sleep is also important, so be sure to adjust your bedtime, too.

5. Relax in a sauna

Saunas might be the perfect winter self-care activity, and you can feel stress and anxiety melt away in the soothing heat. Pair time in a sauna with these 4 breathing exercises that can reduce anxiety .

6. Start a daily journaling practice

I talk about the benefits of journaling often . It's a simple practice that has helped many of our patients at Foundations Counseling, and you don't need to write lengthy entries to benefit. To get started, try writing 2-3 sentences about your day. You can always write more if you want.

7. Make time to process your emotions

Speaking of emotions, winter is a great time to process them.

Self-care isn't just about activities that make you feel good for a few hours. Self-care also means taking time to understand yourself. Don't be afraid to truly feel your feelings, because there's no better time for introspection than winter.

8. Visit a counselor

As you tune in to your emotions, and any struggles that come with them, speaking to a counselor can be another act of self-care.

If you live in Fort Collins, Loveland or Windsor, Colorado, and need some extra help coping through winter, our caring counselors can help. Get in touch and schedule a free consultation here .