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How to Find a Hobby You Love

Finding a Hobby as an Adult

No matter how busy life gets with work, family, and other obligations, having hobbies you truly enjoy has proven benefits for health and well-being. Research supports the transformative power of hobbies , too.

Hobbies have a massive impact on quality of life. They can even improve performance at work, because when life outside of the office is fulfilling, it spills over into the workplace. Simply put, hobbies that you enjoy during leisure time can increase focus, enthusiasm, and performance in your career.

For many adults, finding hobbies is easier said than done. If you're wondering how to find a new hobby that you love, here are 5 ways to zero in on activities that bring you joy.

1. If you aren't sure where to begin, channel your inner kid

As we get older, we often forget about the activities that brought us joy as children. Think about the things you used to love as a kid, before the stresses of life got in the way. If you loved running around the backyard or painting pictures straight from your imagination, think about how that can be applied to new hobbies as an adult.

In the examples above, hiking or painting could be great fits.

2. Focus on joy, not perfection

As adults, we tend to focus on whether or not we're naturally talented at something. Take painting as an example. You might hesitate to get started because it doesn't feel like you're “good” enough.

Push those thoughts aside, because aptitude isn't the point of finding hobbies. Your goal should simply be to find something that you love doing, even if you aren't technically the “best”. If you're truly committed to improving your skills, consider watching YouTube videos or taking a class.

3. Experiment with a few ideas until you find something you love

There's no rule that says you have to stick with the first hobby you try. If you're having trouble picking a hobby to explore further, consider throwing yourself into a bunch of different hobbies until you find something that sparks joy. To find new ideas to try, you could visit craft stores, drop into different fitness classes, or browse books at the library.

4. Think about things you already enjoy

Chances are, you already have a few things in your life that you enjoy doing, so why not transform one of them into a full-on hobby? If you like cooking, think about ways to get more involved with the food you make. Could you become an expert in a certain type of cuisine or join a cooking club?

Sometimes, our hobbies start to feel more like projects or obligations. If you can rekindle joy in the things you're already doing, congratulations, you have a hobby!

5. Commit to finding time for hobbies and hobby exploration

This last tip might be the most important of all, especially if you feel like there's no time for pleasure activities. If your schedule is packed, it may come down to making time for hobbies. Look at your calendar and schedule non-negotiable appointments with yourself. You can even involve your kids or family if it frees up time for hobbies.

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