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Work Worry - Don't let Anxiety Derail you at Work

How to Stop Worrying About Projects at Work

Worrying can take up valuable space in our brains and stressing about a project can cause it to take more time.

Anyone who has experienced anxiety knows it can be paralyzing; when it happens at work it can seem even more so, especially as rapid pace and the demand for quick results cause stress levels to spike. It can seem nearly impossible to focus and get things done when those pressures crowd out all other thoughts.

When you feel the pressure mounting, it's good to take a few minutes and get your anxiety under control. Here are few strategies for doing so:

Just breathe

Consciously slowing your breathing can stop your mind from racing. Sit back, put a hand on your abdomen and take a deep breath. Notice how your hand rises as you breathe in and lowers as you breathe out.  Breathe in for a count of five or more seconds then exhale until you have no breath left. Do this until your mind stops racing.

Give yourself a pep talk

Find a few phrases that can put your anxiety in perspective and help you realize the more you worry, the less you can accomplish. Remind yourself this feeling will pass and that you can, and will, get through it.

If you need a little help finding the right phrase to boost yourself, there is no shortage of sites full of them. A few examples include:'s list of five mantras to help quiet anxiety and beat stress ,'s list of 15 affirmations to help you calm yourself , and the's 32 mantras that help people get through anxiety . Don't like these? A quick web search will lead you to many more.

Get up, get outside, get moving

Talk a walk, jog in place, focus on contracting and releasing your abdominal muscles or your shoulders or the muscles in your face. Movement will help you release the tension and calm your body and mind.

You also can visualize your anxiety as a wave that you can roll through your body and release through your fingers. Stand up, feel the tension in your head and in your mind's eye visualize it moving down past your chin, into your neck, then your shoulders, then your biceps, then your elbows, then your forearms, then your wrists and flowing out through your fingers.

Tackle tasks one at a time

Looking at all you have to do in an entire day can be overwhelming. If you look at your calendar and it's full from start to finish, you can start fretting about how you will get it all done and might end up paralyzed unable to do anything except think about when you can go home.

Instead of thinking about the entire list, think about each item as an individual task. Prioritize and spend an hour on the most important job. When the hour's up, prioritize again and evaluate where you stand. Do this throughout your day and it will feel less overwhelming, and you'll get the satisfaction of checking items off your to-do list.

Call a friend

You don't have to go it alone. When you feel particularly anxious or overwhelmed, call a friend or talk to a trusted coworker about how your feeling. They can provide comfort and reassure you that you can make it through.

Counseling, such as anxiety therapy provided by Foundations, also can be a tool in handling anxiety in a healthy manner . If you would like learn more about ways our team of counselors can help you face yours, call us today for your free consultation .