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what prevents people from going to therapy
5 Reasons People Say No to Counseling


In certain instances, people may feel unsure about whether therapy can help them achieve their goals. In this blog feature, we'll look at six things that often prevent people... Read More

how to prepare for couples counseling
How to Prepare for Your First Marriage Counseling Session


Marriage counseling has helped countless couples grow closer by learning to develop healthier patterns of interaction. Before your first session, it can... Read More

9 tips for when you’re feeling stuck in life
9 Ideas to Help You Break Out of Your Rut


Feeling stuck in life is exhausting; running a marathon in circles in your mind trying to find the way forward instead of around again. But instead of focusing on the... Read More

tips for marriage counseling
How to Get the Most from Couples Counseling


Couples who benefit from relationship counseling have several things in common that help achieve success. Here are five tips to help you and your partner maximize the... Read More

what to do between counseling appointments
6 Things You Should Do Between Therapy Sessions


Therapy is great way to confront issues and develop healthier patterns of thought and behavior. That said, much of your progress will occur outside your therapy... Read More

tips for anger management
5 Healthy Ways to Control Your Anger


While anger is a natural human emotion, it can be destructive when expressed inappropriately. Knowing how to handle anger helps you make healthier choices and preserve... Read More

famous people and mental health
These Celebrities Have Spoken Openly About Their Depression


Although depression can be challenging, you are not alone in the struggle. Read on for the stories of 10 public figures who have been open about their... Read More

use time better and reduce stress
How to Reduce Stress by Using Your Time Better


Time management is a huge part of stress management. Here are five tips to help you reduce stress and become more productive.


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starting therapy
How Can Therapy Help Me?


Therapy is a powerful act of self-care that can have an incredible impact on your well-being. Here are five benefits of therapy you might not have thought of.


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happier relationships
Opposites Attract, Soulmates, & Other Common Relationship Myths


When it comes to relationships, it often feels like falling in love is the easy part. Nurturing a healthy relationship, on the other hand, is... Read More