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conversation about discrimination with your child
Here are some tips on talking to children about discrimination.

Most people want their children to respect others despite noticeable differences. In the real world, however, kids are forced to interact with those who... Read More

tips for better sleep

6 Tips to Improve Your Sleep

The National... Read More

is mad always bad? Embrace anger
How to Accept Anger and Embrace It Appropriately

Commonly viewed as a negative state of mind, anger is really just one of many normal human... Read More

mental health stigma

These days, therapy has made its way off the couch and into mainstream society. Unfortunately, it is still plagued by myths and stigmas that prevent people from seeking help. If you're confused about the true nature of... Read More

dating and social media
Dating Using Social Media, Dating Apps, and Technology

Our modern world includes plenty of technology, and that technology increasingly influences how we date.

... Read More
identify emotional abuse
Identifying Signs of Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse is just as devastating as other types of abuse. Emotional abuse also tends to be more subtle, making it much more difficult to recognize.

You can protect yourself by learning about the signs of emotional abuse, though. Here are 6... Read More

develop a healthy relationship with food
How to Develop a Healthier Relationship With Food


When it comes to your overall relationship with food your thoughts matter more than you might realize.

Whether you think of food as off-... Read More

Sex and Intimacy after having kids
Sex and Intimacy After Childbirth


It’s completely natural for sexual intimacy to decline after having a baby. Parenting comes with many... Read More

Think before stepping out of your comfort zone

You may have heard that stepping outside your comfort zone is critical to success and self-improvement. While this is often the case, there are certain instances where over-aggressive actions can actually harm our well-... Read More

How to nurture your friendships
Maintaining Friendships Throughout Adulthood

Do you ever feel like you don’t have enough time for your friendships? If you do, you certainly aren’t alone. It can be incredibly difficult to find time for friends and adulthood includes a whole new set of responsibilities for you to prioritize. It’... Read More