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Couple hugging
More Than Friends: How to Spot the Signs of An Emotional Affair


Many people associate affairs with physical relationships, but the truth is that emotional affairs are just as damaging. An emotional affair occurs... Read More

Father with daughter
Can Trauma Cause Physical Symptoms?


Trauma is an emotional experience, but it also has tangible, physical impacts on the body. This is what happens to both the brain and body when someone is coping with the... Read More

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Top Misconceptions About People with Eating Disorders


When it comes to the topic of eating disorders, misconceptions can hurt people who are suffering. Here are some of the most common myths and stereotypes about... Read More

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Mental Health Apps Aren’t a Good Substitute for Therapy


Apps are available for just about everything these days, from shopping to travel to entertainment and beyond. Some apps claim to provide help with mental... Read More

Angry Man
Simple Ways to Tame Your Temper


Anger is often viewed as a negative emotion, but that’s not always the case. Anger is a normal emotion that may arise when someone feels threatened, insulted, frustrated or... Read More

Teen in therapy
Signs Your Teen May Need Professional Counseling


The brain undergoes major changes during the teenage years, which is why teens often experience a rollercoaster of emotions. Because it’s normal for teens to... Read More

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How to Cope with a Panic Attack


For people who suffer from anxiety, panic attacks can creep up at any time. Read on to learn how to recognize the signs of a panic attack and minimize the symptoms. 

... Read More
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Relationship Communication: How to Address Issues Together


Healthy communication is the key to a successful relationship. But unfortunately, many couples struggle to communicate, especially when it comes to... Read More

Couple fighting in kitchen
What to do when you’re quarantined unsafely at home 

Domestic violence is a problem even when people aren’t quarantined at home with their abusers. Unfortunately, the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is placing... Read More

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How to Talk to Family Members and Friends About COVID-19

When someone you care about downplays the seriousness of the current coronavirus outbreak, it's reasonable to feel upset and scared. You can't force someone to... Read More