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friends with coworkers
Navigating The Murky Waters of Workplace Friendships

We’ve all heard the terms “work wife” or “work husband” — both titles reference close relationships with coworkers, and these relationships can be a key part of feeling... Read More

healthy social media
5 Tips for a Healthier Social Media Experience

Social media is a huge part of modern life. In fact, a recent report estimates that about 81 percent of Americans have at least one social media profile. Unfortunately, social... Read More

avoid stress at work
How to Reduce Work-related Stress

In what many are calling a modern epidemic, workplace stress has crept into nearly every field and industry. While many regard stress as a minor nuisance, studies have shown that stress can... Read More

what is consent
It’s Time to Continue the Conversation About Consent

Sexual assault and harassment is far too prevalent in our society, but the conversation around these topics is finally gaining steam. The #MeToo movement sprang up in... Read More

life hacks
Science-Backed Methods For a Better Life

If there were simple, science-backed ways to improve your life, would you try them?

The good news is... Read More

work success
5 Tips for Greater Work Success

While success is largely determined by talent, it also has a lot to do with how people apply their talent. A growing body of research is showing that routines and rituals can have a profound... Read More

misconceptions about anxiety
Common Misconceptions About Anxiety Disorders

Whether you suffer from anxiety or know someone who does, you've probably heard a lot of misinformation about how it works and who it affects. Today, we will clear up some... Read More

improve conversation with better listening
8 Tips for Better Communication

When we are involved in conversations, we often find ourselves waiting to talk instead of really listening. Here is how you can cultivate better listening skills to promote more effective... Read More

working remotely
5 Things You Should Know About Working from Home

According to recent studies, about a quarter of all workers do at least some work at home. While it does have its benefits, the arrangement can take a toll on your well-... Read More

resistance to therapy
Cost, Stigma, Denial, and More: How to Overcome Hurdles to Therapy and Counseling

Do you think therapy isn’t for you?

I’ve counseled... Read More