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Struggling with postpartum depression
How Counseling Can Help You Cope with Postpartum Depression


Motherhood brings joy, love, challenges and complexity into a woman's life. The first few weeks after childbirth can be an especially difficult time,... Read More

iet with nutritious snacks and meals
How to Eat Well When Life Gets Crazy


Does your diet suffer when life gets hectic? Forgoing healthy eating because of a busy schedule might seem like a good solution, but your body and brain will both suffer in the... Read More

Start putting yourself first
How to Enjoy Guilt-Free Self-Care


Do you ever feel guilty when you do something for yourself? If so, you’re far from alone. It’s hard to quiet the nagging inner voice that tells you to skip “me time” in favor of... Read More

Power of thinking patterns
3 Ways to Overcome Negative Thought Patterns


We all have negative thought patterns that we believe to be true. From thinking that we’re always right to ignoring the positives in a situation, these thinking... Read More

Father’s Day when you Dad has Passed
Coping with Father's Day when Your Dad Has Passed Away


Father's Day can bring on powerful emotions for people who have lost their dads. If the holiday has become a harsh reminder of your grief, these tips can help... Read More

Tools to fight procrastination
Tips to Avoid Procrastinating


Almost all of us struggle with procrastination at some point in our lives. Unfortunately, when we put off necessary tasks, we risk missing deadlines while subjecting ourselves to... Read More

Learning to change your cognitive distortions
How to Change Your Cognitive Distortions  

Cognitive distortions can lead to irrational beliefs which cause conflict and emotional pain. Here's how you can recognize your cognitive distortions and change your thinking... Read More

learned from therapy
5 Ways Therapy Has Helped Me


There is a stigma that therapy is solely for people struggling with mental illness, however, therapy can help teach us how to navigate every day with a better mindset. Here are five... Read More

mental health month
How to Tell if a Friend or Loved One is Battling Mental Health Problems


May is Mental Health Month, which means now is the perfect time to educate yourself on some of the top warning signs someone is struggling... Read More

overcoming perfectionism
Habits You Can Cultivate to Beat Fear of Failure and Perfectionism



There’s a big difference between striving for excellence and... Read More