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Do you think of worst case scenarios often?
How to Stop Catastrophizing

We’ve all done it: believed something is far worse than it actually is. This type of cognitive distortion can lead to unnecessary stress and turmoil in our lives, especially since the worst-case scenarios we repeat in our minds are often unlikely to happen.

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What to do when someone lets you down

Most people have heard the saying, "to err is human, to forgive divine." While admirable, this mindset isn't always appropriate in toxic relationships involving selfish people. If a friend, family member or romantic... Read More

Talking to your teens about getting more sleep
Try These Helpful Sleep Tips For Your Teenager

Between puberty and (approximately) 22 years of age, adolescents need around 9 hours of sleep each night. If only they got those 9 hours.

According to the Journal of Adolescent Health, only 8% of teenagers get enough sleep. The rest of the... Read More

Getting help for postpartum depression

It's not uncommon for women to experience the so-called "baby blues" following the birth of a child. In up to one in seven women, however, the conclusion of a pregnancy results in a serious mood disorder called postpartum... Read More

Benefits of laughter and exercise
Laughter-Based Exercise: A Way to Boost Mental Health

Researchers at Georgia State University recently discovered that... Read More

Understanding your depression
Behavioral and Physical Symptoms of Depression

Did you know that depression affects your entire body, and not just your mind?

Many people who suffer from depression don’t know what they’re doing because of their mental illness, and friends and family members might be equally confused by... Read More

Negotiating emotional and functional roles as a parent
Don’t Be Afraid to Parent Your Child

Throughout the past several decades, familial relationship patterns have shifted from a defined parent/child hierarchy, to a more equal relationship where parents and children treat each other as friends.

While there are advantages to a close and... Read More

How was multisystemic therapy developed

Most teenagers act up from time to time. Unfortunately, for some adolescents, inappropriate actions exceed the boundaries of acceptable social behavior. If your child has gotten in trouble with the law or demonstrated... Read More

Mental health benefits of journaling
Explore the Mental Health Benefits of Journaling


Did you know that journaling can have positive impacts on your mental health?


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Moving on after a breakup
Moving On After Breaking Up


Moving on from a romantic relationship after things have ended is an incredibly difficult transition. It’s completely normal, and healthy, to hurt after a breakup.


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