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spouse going back to school
Back to School Survival Guide for Married Couples


Whether your spouse is headed back to school to earn a master’s degree or to complete an... Read More

helping your special needs child back to school
Back-to-School Tips for Parents of Children with Special Needs


As the back to school season approaches parents around the country will... Read More

balance back-to-school responsibilities between mom and dad
Balancing Back-to-School Responsibilities in a Marriage


Almost half of parents feel an imbalanced divide of child care responsibilities.... Read More

back to school for parents
Strategies for parents to keep the peace and set kids up for success 

Back. To. School. Three words that can fill even the most joyful child with dread.

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maintaining your relationship during grad school
Maintaining Your Relationship During Grad School


It's not easy maintaining a romantic relationship while attending graduate school. If not... Read More

relationship counseling
When to Give Relationship Counseling a Second Try

Despite its impressive record for saving relationships, couples counseling doesn't work for everyone, every time. If you had an unsatisfying experience the first time you... Read More

sexual dry spells
How To Cope with Sexual Dry Spells in Your Relationship

While it should never be a foundation for closeness, sex is a significant pillar in your relationship. If you and your partner have hit a sexual dry spell, the... Read More

canceling therapy
Things to Consider Before Canceling Therapy

Most people enter therapy to address specific issues, such as relationship trouble, childhood trauma and major life changes. But what should you do when those issues seem... Read More

sell your partner on couples counseling
How to Convince Your Partner to Attend Couples Counseling

Couples counseling is a valuable tool that can help troubled relationships get back on track. Unfortunately, it's not something that can be decided on unilaterally... Read More

relationship therapy
Marriage Tips to Survive Fragile Financial Times

Divorce rates tend to increase when the economy is poor, which isn’t all that surprising — money is the leading cause of stress in relationships.

Awareness is the first step to avoiding marital problems during tough economic times. The... Read More