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Woman with insomnia cannot sleep
Ten of the Most Common Medical Solutions and Home Remedies for Insomnia


If you have frequent sleepless nights, it might be time to talk to your doctor about insomnia. Luckily, there are plenty of options available... Read More

Woman in relationship jealously looking at another man
How to Cope with Jealousy and Envy in Relationships


Jealousy and envy are complicated emotions that can seriously affect relationships. Whether you feel jealous of friends and loved ones, or you're trying to cope... Read More

Child with Mom and Grandma
What Causes Mental Illness?


If your family has a history of mental illness, you may be concerned about the possibility of inheriting or passing down certain mental health issues. But the reality of how humans... Read More

Girl smiling as head of support group
Is Your College Student Suffering from Mental Health Issues?


Today's college students report feeling more stressed, depressed and anxious than ever before. If you're concerned about your college-age student's... Read More

Woman brainstorming on whiteboard
How to Become a Better Problem Solver


Problems are an inevitable part of life. Learning some proven problem-solving skills and techniques can help you work through difficulties without undue stress, anxiety and... Read More

Woman putting biking helmet on child
Tips for Supporting Children's Mental Health  

Children's' mental health is a topic gaining increased attention around the country. In Colorado, for instance, coaches are now required to take a mental health course in... Read More

Nervous man public speaking
5 Things that Can Trigger Your Anxiety


Events and situations that lead to anxiety's token symptoms are known as triggers. Understanding the people, places and things that trigger your panic or anxious feelings is... Read More

Child distracted during homework
Success Tips for Parenting a Child With ADHD


If you have a child with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), you know life can get overwhelming and frustrating. But as a parent, you are in a unique... Read More

Man yelling at distraught woman
7 Warning Signs of Gaslighting in a Relationship  

Gaslighting is a common type of emotional abuse, but what is it exactly? Here's how to spot gaslighting in your relationships, along with some tips for what to do if you'... Read More

Caretaker walking with old man with walker
How to Support a Struggling Loved One by Holding Space  

Holding space refers to being present with someone when they need you most, without judging or trying to fix their problems. It's a beautiful practice of empathy... Read More