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self care when supporting someone with depression
How to Practice Self Care While Supporting Someone with Depression


When our loved ones are struggling with depression, we want to do everything we can to make them feel better. At the same time, it's also... Read More

coping with losing your pet
Coping with the Loss of a Pet


The loss of your dog or cat can cause grief and intense sorrow; this grief deserves the care and attention of anyone who is experiencing a loss. Here’s how to mourn and cope with the... Read More

self-esteem boosting activities
7 Exercises that Can Improve Your Self-Esteem


A mountain of research has linked exercise to increased self-esteem. Read on to learn which activities can help boost your mental well-being, while helping to improve... Read More

is your job unhealthy?
5 Ways Your Job Could Be Damaging Your Health


While we all have to work to survive; your job shouldn’t compromise your health or sanity. Here are five surprising ways your work might be putting your health at risk... Read More

help girls develop confidence
Helping Your Daughter Feel Good About Her Body


We’re bombarded with constant marketing and advertising messages every day. These messages, and the associated images, portray picture-perfect bodies down to the... Read More

practice positivity
How to Stay Positive When Everyone Around You Is In a Negative Mood


Negative people can sap your enthusiasm and drag you down to their level. Here are some tips for maintaining a positive attitude around someone... Read More

Positive Effects of Meditation
Should You Meditate? Science Says, “Yes!”


There’s a reason you’ve probably heard so much about meditation — there are tons of mental and physical health benefits that come from a regular meditation practice.

... Read More
stay alert when you’re tired
Health Tips for Staying Alert When You Feel Tired

Insufficient sleep can make you feel miserable, especially if you are dealing with a full plate of responsibilities. Instead of pounding energy drinks, consider these... Read More

Laughter and Better Health
Laughter is Healthy, and Here’s How to Laugh More

Laughter is one of life’s greatest joys. There’s nothing quite like a bout of belly-deep laughter shared with friends and loved ones (or even just by yourself).

... Read More

health in the workplace
Does Your Employer Provide a Healthy Workplace?

A healthy work environment brings benefits to employees and the people who pay them. Here are some workplace characteristics that contribute to worker health and well-being, while also promoting greater organizational success.

... Read More