3 Ways to Handle Anxiety About the Coronavirus Pandemic

What to do if the coronavirus pandemic is stressing you out


Though medical professionals are learning more about the coronavirus pandemic every day, the unknown can be stressful for anyone. An unrelenting stream of coronavirus-related news doesn’t tend to help, either.


It’s not surprising that people around the world are feeling anxious and scared right now. If you’ve had trouble coping with your anxiety, here are three techniques you can try at home to find some peace.


1. Communicate your feelings

You don’t have to deal with anxiety or panic alone. Many therapists and counseling offices, including Foundations Counseling, are offering virtual sessions while the shelter in place orders are in effect. If you regularly speak to a therapist, that work can continue during the quarantine. 


If you’ve never spoken to a counselor before, there’s no need to worry about whether it’s a good time to start therapy. The best time to start therapy is whenever you’re ready, so don’t hesitate to reach out for support whenever you need it most. 


Communicating your feelings doesn’t always need to involve a professional therapist, however. You can also speak with a trusted loved one or write your thoughts in your journal. Try to identify what you’re feeling and come to terms with it, which is a productive way to deal with your anxiety or panic. 


2. Regulate your breathing

Whenever you feel anxious, see if slowing down your breathing helps. Focusing on your breath is an excellent way to calm a pounding heart, which can help make a panic attack fade away faster. Intentional breathing is also a method for grounding yourself, which tends to be very helpful in the midst of a panic attack. 


Activities like meditation and yoga are also great for anyone who suffers from anxiety, because they emphasize deep, calm breathing. Spending time in nature can be equally soothing, so see if going for a calm, quiet walk helps you feel better (just remember to keep breathing!)


3. Consider your mindset

It’s not easy to focus on the positive during stressful times, but learning how to find the silver lining in every situation can reduce your anxiety. 


For example, if you’ve been stressed about the quarantine, consider what a blessing it is that we live in a world where groceries can be delivered, and our friends and family are only a video call away. 


When you feel anxious, try to remember that there are some things we simply can’t control. To calm your coronavirus-related anxieties, focus on what you can control, like washing your hands and staying safe at home. Those simple actions have a greater impact than you may realize, and hopefully, that knowledge can provide you with some level of comfort.

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