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Man looking at self in mirror
How to Recognize When Your Partner Has NPD (And What You Can Do)


It’s common to hear the term narcissist and think of someone who is self-absorbed or extremely self-confident, but clinical narcissism is much more... Read More

Girl sitting in class looking stressed

Tips For Helping Your Teen Cope With High School Pressures


As a parent, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the start of the new school year with all the doctors appointments, sports practices, and new... Read More

Man with comforting arm on woman's shoulder
5 Ways to Support a Partner Who Has Anxiety


People experience anxiety in a variety of ways, ranging from mild to life-altering. As the partner of someone with anxiety, it can be difficult to be compassionate... Read More

Woman confidently teaching a class
Developing Emotional Intelligence


The ability to understand, manage and express your emotions is called emotional intelligence. People with high emotional intelligence don't just understand their own feelings,... Read More

Girl awake at night in bed looking at cell phone
Insomnia Treatment: CBT Instead of Sleeping Pills

Before you try sleeping pills or sleep studies as an insomnia treatment, consider cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Countless people have used CBT to escape their... Read More

Woman looking up and stretching arms out, taking a deep breath
Using Focused Breathing to Calm Anxiety


When you feel anxious, breathing exercises can calm your body and relax your mind. Here are four simple breathing exercises you can do anywhere to relieve anxiety.

Lion's breath Lion’s breath centers on the idea of exhaling forcefully.  With... Read More
Boy looking away from mother who is busy texting
Why You Feel Invisible and Alone (And What to Do About It)


Have you ever felt invisible to everyone around you? Whether you've been ignored in conversation, had your feelings dismissed, have been discounted... Read More

Woman in the park therapeutic journaling
Journaling Exercises for Better Mental Health


Journaling has many mental health benefits, but it can be tricky to decide what to write about when you’re staring at a blank page full of possibilities. 

 ... Read More

Woman in drivers seat, hands together over nose and mouth
The Symptoms of Anxiety Attacks vs. Panic Attacks  

Anxiety attacks and panic attacks are often viewed through the same lens, but each condition has very different symptoms. Understanding the differences can help you... Read More

Boy at school looking away from friends in the background
How to Cope With Social Anxiety Disorder  

Can you relate to any of the following statements?


“I’m terrified of being judged by other people.” “I avoid doing things that mean I need to talk to anyone.” “I... Read More