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dating after divorce

Divorce turns your world upside down. Getting over the heartache and adjusting to the new normal is one thing. Getting your head around the possibility of dating again is quite another. For some the idea of dipping your toes in the dating pool... Read More

Mastering the Art of Co-parenting
Mastering Co-Parenting is Vital to the Emotional Well-Being of Your Children

You may hate your ex. You might even think he or she is the worst possible excuse for a human being on planet Earth. You might find it hard to imagine what you ever saw in your former love. You also might need to work... Read More

Your Blended Family After Divorce

Five Tips to Effectively Bring Your Families Together.

Are you experiencing challenges with your blended family? Marriage can be challenging and parenting can be challenging, so it is not... Read More

Learn about Bipolar Disorder and Ways to Help

Bipolar disorder is a treatable illness marked by extreme changes in mood, thought, energy, and behavior. It is a complex disorder that affects more than two million adult Americans and requires a special treatment approach.

Here are some bipolar disorder specifics: Bipolar usually begins... Read More
Learn How to Express Your Anger in a healthy way
Learn how to express anger in a healthy way.

Have you seen the movie, “Inside Out”? If not, meet the character Anger. This kids’ movie – that is just as appropriate for adults – illustrates the complexity of human emotions better than just about anything I’ve seen.

We might try and... Read More

Learn About Affair Recovery Counseling
Cheating, or being cheated on, creates a major crisis in the lives of those involved.

“Sandra” is an attractive, successful woman. She’s in her early-40s, has a 15-year-old daughter, a job she loves, a comfortable house, a fantastic group of friends, a close extended family…and a husband who... Read More

Learn to Recognize “abusive” Red Flags
The 3 categories of male abusers, and how to recognize them.

Perhaps the most troubling thing about abuse, or rather about those that inflict abuse, is that it is often times insidious. From an outsider’s perspective, an abuser typically appears to be a kind, productive, loving, and reasonable... Read More

Planning for Success in Relationships
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Relationships are hard. They’re messy, complicated, scary, frustrating…and also the greatest, most fulfilling, and most important part of life. I would classify ALL relationships – with friends, your children, your parents, your siblings – in this way, but... Read More

How Brain Chemistry Impacts Addiction
How brain chemistry impacts addiction.

Did you know that men and women form addictions differently? Did you know that the chemicals in men’s and women’s brains make each respond differently to drugs and alcohol?

For men, addiction is related to dopamine, the chemical in the brain that... Read More

Learn to Unpack Your Emotions in a Healthy Way
How to solve problems and initiate healthy behavioral change.

At Foundations Counseling we deploy many different types of psychological and therapeutic approaches to help our clients. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), play therapy, existentialism, and family systems are... Read More