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Girl alone on a park bench looking across a lake
Are You Shy or Introverted?   

Introversion and shyness might seem similar on the surface, and while they do share some similarities, they’re very different things. For starters, not all introverts are shy. Similarly, shy... Read More

Girl speaking with guidance counselor
How School Guidance Counselors Support Students   

Many schools have full-time counselors on staff who support students throughout their personal and academic journeys. Here are five of the ways your student's school... Read More

Couple in counseling looking away from each other
5 Signs You and Your Spouse Need Marriage Counseling  

Before you think about divorce or separation, learn more about whether marriage counseling can help save your relationship. If you can relate to these five signs of a... Read More

Man seated and holding forehead on couch
Exploring the Physical Symptoms of Grief  

Grief doesn’t just impact your emotional wellbeing. The grieving process is also incredibly physical, and it’s not uncommon to feel pain and discomfort in your body. Understanding... Read More

Couple in a codependent relationship
Are You in a Codependent Relationship?

Codependency can occur in any type of relationship, including romantic partnerships, friendships, and with family members.

These relationships are one-sided, dysfunctional, and unhealthy. Mental Health America describes codependency as, “a learned... Read More

toxic relationship
Leaving a Toxic Relationship (Without Guilt or Shame)  

Toxic relationships are as diverse as the people in them, but the pain they cause is universal. A toxic relationship could involve name calling, emotional abuse,... Read More

friend needs therapy
Tips for Encouraging a Friend or Loved One to Address Their Mental Health  

If you have a friend, sibling, loved one, partner, or another cherished person in your life who is struggling with their mental health, knowing... Read More

unplugging from social media
How to Unplug From Social Media to Improve Your Relationship  

Thanks to the internet, we’re more connected than ever before. Sometimes, it can even feel like we spend more time interacting with screens than with other... Read More

how to handle negative emotions
Learn How to Acknowledge and Manage Your Emotions for a Healthier Relationship  

All emotions, even the negative and not-so-pleasant ones, contain information that can help you grow and become closer to your partner. But,... Read More

memory loss from trauma
How Traumatic Events from Your Past Can Impact Memory and Brain Function  

If you have a history of trauma and feel like your memory is spotty, the two may share a strong connection. Goodtherapy author Fabiana Franco, PhD... Read More